Joining friends

Will we ever be able to join a friend mid match? This seems like a pretty standard feature to have in the game yet never gets talked about. Currently the only way to join a friend is to have the team leader find a new match, and when you are playing with several people i find myself leaving the server every other game to pick up a friend. It also doesn't help that in a group of 4 someone crashes every other game. I cant recommend this game to any of my friends because its too much of a hassle to play with other people. I play mostly PvP so i know i'm probably in the minority and may not take priority i just need to hear that its being worked on, or that you don't care to add it. You asked in the survey how your team can communicate better yet i see three other posts here and a few on reddit with the same question and no real answer. I looked...but if i missed it please let me know.


That's a great suggestion! We will get to that between 6 and 18 months. Good day and enjoy your jiggly backpack!

Hey @0ryx,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pass it on to the team!

This has now been reported several times: the existing system that is supposed to work via Steam's "Join game" or "Join group" does not work at all, despite meeting all prerequisites, such as server space or group formation.

Whenever you decide to join a match or group the game launches and does nothing, and if it's launched, it will do nothing as well.

This is not a feature we're requesting, it's a bug we would like you to fix!

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