[fixed] F capture zone on Hillside / Checkpoint Security messed up

Edit: fixed with September 20 Hotfix

Hey Hey,

sry @Olanov @chaton for just copying this, but I think this needs more attention and a bugfix...

The capture zone upstairs in the objective is also messed up, it just ends in the middle of the room which wasn't the case in the CTE! ✌

@Olanov said in Couple o' bug reports & feedback:

  1. Not sure if intentional or oversight but the last objective as Security in Checkpoint mode, has weird cap zones, extending all the way outside the building in a very specific spot, images below: 20190916064531_1.jpg 20190916064537_1.jpg
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Hey @lt_delay,

No worries! The original list of issues has been passed on to the team! I'll forward this one separately.