Map Voting Bug

I believe that map vote or maybe specifically random vote is bugged at the moment. I actually just ran into this tonight playing Big Money Checkpoint. We played Refinery Insurgents twice in a row when random was the voted option. I dont remember if Refinery Insurgents was included in the 6 levels or not. See 009628d4-157a-4ef0-b566-a3c1655da37d & 10aea8a0-e76f-4f42-b1cf-9246afa07c1d

Hey @Nate-CR,

Thanks for reporting this to us. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can investigate.

Hey @chaton. I've got more info on this. Looks like the map you just finished is showing up as an option. See screenshots. 20191004230731_1.jpg 20191004222905_1.jpg