Vampire TDM is Great!

The concept of Vampire TDM is great. It's hard but for me it's exhilarating, the health maybe is a tad OP but overall it's fun as hell. Only problem is not enough players get into the playlist, it's very hard to join a server. 😞

Here is a video to share that i got during Vampire TDM:

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I tried it and I got spawn killed multiple times in a row, so it seems unplayable to me.

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TDM is just awesome! Had some really fun matches.
I sincerely hope they don't remove it again from official servers.

We lose TDM, and we gain a temporary vampire tdm...

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And now Vampire TDM has gone.

For fucks sake!

@Depleted We do not tolerate any insult towards devs or any other users on this official forum.

Regarding TDM, I invite you to read our State of Production #3. We plan to add a pre-match "Team Deathmatch" mode where players waiting to queue into Versus or Competitive matches can play TDM against other players also in queues while they wait.