Rocky hills?

I logged this map as soon as it came out on the old timers DLC and was disappointed at how easy it was.

Well yesterday i started it up just to go explore it cause i was bored.

I spawned the K5 (my favorite scout) and went out exploring.

I know this is pry old news to some of you but good god, there are certain parts of this map that are ridiculiously tough (and fun) to explore. Not alot of mud but the valleys and hills can be quite the challenge, more so then other maps. I actually screwed myself so bad (after rolling the K5, spending 20 minutes winching and yanking with the napco to get it right, then rolling the napco too, then rolling the F150 trying to get to the napco) that i had to restart the map lol. Never had this happen on any other map.

Whats yalls opinions on this place?

IMO it was decent map, something unusual and new that we havnt seen before in mudrunner from devs

@d88 said in Rocky hills?:

Whats yalls opinions on this place?

I only played it once, but my opinion is otherwise the same. It really sounds like this map is under-utilized. Good scenarios could happen on it.

I loved the map and the layout. Really like as you said the mountain roads and trails with more rocks than other maps. Would have been nice with one garage and more logging opportunities.

And another thing. This is the map that my friends and I play when we dont have the intention of completing. We run one, and if we still have time to play, we que this map up to campare the 4x4's on the rocky hills. There are many spots to line up 3 or 4 different trucks and see which one does better. It's a good 4x4 map to trail ride with friends in my opinion.

will agree rocky hills is a dang good stock map. would be nice to have a bigger version of it. i understand the idea of the map being challenging because of no garage, but 100% agree it would be nice to have one still.