Tokarev pistol for the Insurgents

Hi devs !

So, I think Insurgents lack options when it comes to weapons, especially pistols.
May I suggest adding the infamous russian tokarev TT33 as a weapon choice for them ?
It would also introduce a new pistol cartridge, which would bring some variety to the arsenal.

Also, the new Power Plant map is truely awesome ! It's detailed, beautiful, plays well, and makes me wish there was a "hunt" coop game mode so I could explore it better 🙂

Have a nice day !

Yes, insurgents could use some more pistols. I would like to see the infamous Desert Eagle as an insurgent exclusive.

@roner Not really a fan of the gun. Don't get me wrong, it looks awesome, but it's a shit gun on the battlefield. It's not used outside of civilian shooting ranges for a good reason, so it would make no sense to add it in the game. It's basically a heavy, unreliable, expensive "magazine revolver". I'd rather see a .44 revolver instead if we're talking high caliber handguns.

But for balance's sake, I prefer the handguns to stick to small cartridges. Like... up to .45 ACP, nothing higher than that.

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@Grumf said in Tokarev pistol for the Insurgents:

@roner Not really a fan of the gun. Don't get me wrong, it looks awesome, but it's a shit gun on the battlefield.

I totally agree, and honestly it's a shit gun on a civilian shooting range too. But I can also totally see an insurgent rocking it as a pimp gun. It's really more of a drug cartel trope, but I can see it working for the Insurgent faction in the game.

It wouldn't need to be the .50AE version, the .357 Magnum is more common anyway.

Wouldn't be realistic at all, imo. Plus, insurgents are not drug lords with trophy shiny weapons, they're an organised army resisting "security" forces, so... It would be op as a sidearm anyway... Or just like everything that's perceived as too powerful in the game, it would be nerfed into uselessness. Like LMGs.

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Sorry for the bad English, I used a translator.
Insurgency SandStorm is a product, and if customers ask for one more item (Desert Eagle) then why not attend?
Who doesn't like Desert Eagle just don't use it!
.50AE, .44Mag, .357Mag any of the 3 I would be happy despite preferring the .50.
To those who say the caliber is too high, I must remind you that the 10mm caliber (pistol caliber including Glock) has more energy than the .357Mag. I also say that there are other .44Mag pistols and not just the Desert Eagle.

Several people asking for Desert Eagle and it just isn't put in the game, I don't know why.
And before you say it, I don't want to use a mod or skin in place of the 1911 .45.

@scheuer88 Just because it's a product, doesn't mean it's not to be carefully crafted. Otherwise, every game developer would put naked waifus in their games by popular demand. A desert eagle is what modding is for, mate. Does not have its place in the original game imo, because of the nonsensical thing I mentioned earlier. It's not a matter of "if you don't like it, don't use it". Well guess what, I'll ask for nuclear strike air support for Security faction. If you don't like it for whatever reason, you'll just have to avoid using it, eh ? It's that simple !

The game is shared by all. Developers have to produce something coherent. If you don't like it, download crazy mods, you'll get what you want without transforming the game into something weird that caters to memers only.

Several people asking for Desert Eagle and it just isn't put in the game, I don't know why.

Well, because it's not something you'd find on a battlefield anywhere in the world, that's why. Devs already said multiple times they would only add weapons that made sense and could actually be found in these parts of the world. Advisor class is the only mild exception as it gets more exotic weapons, but still not anything that a real fighter wouldn't use realistically.

And before you say it, I don't want to use a mod or skin in place of the 1911 .45.

Whoops. Too late, I guess. Well, before you say anything, I don't want the game to become silly and give away all notion of credibility. See ? I can do that too. Now what ?

Tokarev pistol would be a great addition.. but it is a new round. Some guns that could be introduced to the game with existing calibers.
Maybe some IWI pistols like; the Masada, or Jericho series in 9mm and .45. HK pistols like HK45C, Or USP (9mm/.45). Or Walther p99 (adopted by the Iraqi army), Walther PP, maybe even CZ75 Or FN five seven pistol (5.7x28), HS200. Lastly the SIG P320.

If NWI and Focus Interactive would like to introduce a new caliber to the game, maybe they could introduce the bullet that changed history.
In 2012 during the Syrian conflict a cache of several thousand STG-44s used by both rebels and security forces. The round used is 8mm Kurz and it changed history because it was the first intermediate cartridge used in a large scale and it greatly improved the combat effectiveness of the German soldier.

The weapons lacking in some classes are the gunner and Marksman class

Gunner class
Security may benefit from the addition IWI Negev (5.56 or 7.62x51), m27 IAR
Insurgent forces could run RPK, RPD, RPKM, HK MG4

Security: Knights Armament SR-25 (7.62x51mm), French PGM Hécate II (.50cal bolt action), ORSIS T-5000 (7.62x51mm), M2010 Enhanced sniper weapon (M24 ((Upgrade from old rifles)) cosmetic purchase?)

Insurgents: Tabuk (7.62x39), Chukavin/SVC (7.62x54R), KSVK (12.7x108)

Both team’s Marksman: Iranian AM50

Uzi Pro, HK G36C

Rifleman, etc.: Steyr Aug (a1, a3) (multiple variants available for possible cosmetic dlc)

Uniform camouflage that may be implemented as part of the purchasable cosmetics or exclusive DLC for consoles:
black, or digital Chinese PLA Type 07 “arid” pattern, Kryptek patterns

The addition of Australian, just an idea

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