Freightliner M916A1 steering problem FIXED PTS 7.2

Turning in right or left will result in a small opposite turn from the initial direction followed by the original input.


How to reproduce:
-turn left or right fast or slow while looking at the front of the truck using gamepad analog stick or keyboard input.
-wheel wil turn in the opposite direction then in the intended direction

In "TruckData" Responsiveness parameter need correction, after that the truck will follow input direction properly.

xml corrected (version from PTS 6.2):

Original value:


"Intended" value:

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Maybe you found the reason why this truck drives so shitty! Congrats!!!!

I've tested this. Can confirm OP.
I'm using an xbox one wireless controller. Happens on live game as well as pts.

Isnt that the problem reported like 1000 times already? It hope they fix that soon cause it looks like a decent truck but i just dont use it with the broken steering the way it is now, it is terrible to drive.

Others looked at the files and it seems to be a typo, should be easy to correct but they did not so far.

You are right on that i corrected the post, i thought most of other post were related to the turning speed of the direction wich can be slow on some truck, my bad didn't pay enough attention.

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Issue still apply in 6.3 if the steering mode is set to "steering wheel" configuration.
It is not an issue if the steering mode is set to "gamepad" configuration since the delay compensate for that.

So I was running this truck on the PTS today and the steering issue where the front wheels will quickly turn the opposite direction ever so slightly of the analog stick still exists.

@Raphael I haven't confirmed this, but the fix doesn't make sense. How would increased responsiveness fix a problem with the steering direction? Maybe it would help mask the problem, but not fix it.

A value who is out of range can bring trouble, most of the value for responsiveness in the xml are above (0.10).
Despite the fact that the guide in attribute a range between [0.0: 1.0] (0.045) is really close from the limit.

But i m always cautious about max value in the guide since not everything is accurate rigth now wich is understandable given the amount of information compiled and the fact that the game is still getting major update who could have an impact.

A range not defined properly can create unwanted result.
The function who is using that value has a conflict when reaching a treshold bringing the issue.

Also you can read this where i detailed a bit more how it behave given the value used.

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At least the M916 needs to be fixed. In the current setup, its pointless. No fun if you have a GameController at all (you have to trust at least the steering response) and from flexibility, grip, center of gravity ... its second choice if any.

This issue persists in patch 7.