Moments in the Mud

So I bought MudRunner on the last Steam sale, have played Spintires around release and really enjoyed it but the original developers ended up falling, now that MudRunner is better I decided to pick it up, install ReShade and took some amazing screenshots.!!MudRunner 2020-01-01 21-38-58.jpg
MudRunner 2020-01-01 21-37-36.jpg

What was missing since day one of American Wilds?

Right! A Sleeper for the Freightliner with a huge spoiler!

@Force What do you mean by the original developers "falling"? Spintires is under development again and has seen many updates since last year.

I'm not a fan of reshade but I know some people like the colors. Your screenshots also have a lot of aliasing. Is it turned off on your end?

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@Eversman is this addon available in workshop?

@zamal No, i made it by myself from the Peterbilt 330 MOD.

@Eversman oh okay, i see that spoiler looks too much tho dont u think? ๐Ÿ˜„

@zamal well.... I donโ€™t think so ๐Ÿ˜

alt text

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