K 700 maximum turn

(Keyboard + mouse) When you press and hold the left or right turn key, the hydraulic motors are still working (a sound is heard and dense exhaust gases are emitted) even though the steering wheel has already reached the maximum turn.
Is it supposed to be like this?
I hope you understand me, my english is weak :p

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Do you mean pressing and hold the left or right key on top of having the wheel turned to the maximum?

@iyagovos I mean, exactly, when you press the left or right turn key (a or d), the k700 starts to turn, eventually it reaches the maximum turning level and it can not turn any more and even then you can still hear the engine running and the exhaust produces a lot of smoke. If you release the key and press it again, as long as you keep it pressed, the engine will continue to run as if it were still turning.

Community Manager

It sounds like you may just reached the maximum turning angle for the vehicle, and are pushing the vehicle further. Do you have video of this happening, by any chance?

it is hydraulic steering on the K700. so would it not keep trying to pump if you keep trying to steer? the hydraulic pump runs off the engine, so it would idle up the engine when steering correct? idk, but that kind makes sense to me.

I also do not have a idea whether it should be like this or not. Maybe we have to ask someone who knows these machines? 🙂

Yes it would be that way. Pump is always turning and you would still be opening the orbital valve it's just the ram has reached it's limit.

a bit like power steering in cars (hydraulic not electronic) - that's why some cars make whining noises on full lock I guess. Thanks.

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