How do I save Challenges?

G'day, just got Spintires and have run the first Challenge. I can't figure out how I save a Challenge if I'm part way through.

there is no saving during a challenge. that is part of the challenge, to get them completed in one go. if you do not get all of the extra objectives done you can replay the challenge. so if you only get 2 out of 3 in one go, you can go back and just get the one you had missed and it will count towards totally completing a challenge.

Thanks mate. Another quick question...I downloaded The Valley from Steam..does this show up as I progress through the sim?

@wombat61 not exactly sure what you are asking. i am figuring you mean can you play it straight away. yes it is open as soon as you have it downloaded. no need for progression points to open it.

Community Manager

@wombat61 You should have access to The Valley from the get go - it doesn't need to be unlocked.

You may have to restart Steam for the DLC to appear.

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