can not "end turn" in operations

Despite latest patch on xbox I still have the issue that I can sometimes not "end turn". I hold the button and the icon fills up but bothing. If I can select an action, this sometimes helps. Moving to anoter location does not, kneeling and standing up does not help either. While I can not end my turn, I also can no longer access my inventory.

Very annoying

Hello, do you know what you did just prior the bug happened? Is there any action you think could trigger this?


I can not reproduce it, it just happens sometimes. I think it has something to do with APs being depleted and maybe standing in the wrong place, but I am not sure.
What I did (using a heavy orlock, but also happend with other classes):

Aura Garrison

and the finish did not work

I will try to record it once I hit it again

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We'll try to repro on our side to get some files 🙂
Unfortunately, I couldn't access your video. It says it's not available anymore, but I think I got the issue, so we'll check and look for usable repro steps!

weird ... anyplace I can upload or sent it to?

Don't bother, it's working now! Probably an issue with the site, but I can see it so it's okay ^^

When this happens to me it's usually because I tried to end my turn very quickly and the game basically couldn't keep up. The "please end my turn" instruction gets 'sent' to the game before it can end your ganger's latest action, causing a conflict that can't be resolved by simply pushing the 'please end my turn' button again.

The solution I found is to either:

(a) have the ganger do one more thing, since this removes the conflict - for example: kneel, use a heal dispenser, jump to a lower level, etc.

(b) If your ganger has no AP left then you're basically out of luck and will simply need to close the game then restart it