No multiplayer map mods?

Hi, I just bought mudrunner because I really enjoyed the original spintires and wanted to support the new dev team and enjoy a more polished version of the game.

I really enjoyed doing 4x4 trailing with buddies on custom maps but that seems impossible in mudrunner, or at least made so much more complex that you'd almost need a degree in computing to get it to work?

Why is this? The moddability of spintires is what kept and is still keeping the game alive. Theres an almost endless amount of maps, vihicles and addons for the original game and theres several multiplayer lobbies open at any given time, always people to play with.

Not so much for mudrunner. Yeah you can solo custom maps and theres a whopping 274 vihicles in the workshop to be used offline, but thats not were the fun is at for a lot of spintires gamers. Is this lack of support deliberate? And if so why isnt there more dev support for the game? Why isnt DLC being pushed, rockcrawler updates, map packs, multiplayer vihicle packs, or lets say anything else? Either make the game easy to mod in both SP and MP or persue (multiplayer)DLC and earn some cash while you're at it.

Left like this with little to no communication (as far as I could find without digging trough a library of forum and reddit posts) about multiplayer mods and mod support in general will kill this game. If the concensus has changed from "free to mod" to "want to sell DLC" thats fine, but please communicate. Lots of people feel scammed because the promise was a better version, not a version that makes their playstile impossible. Please dont forget the players that dont only want to deliver logs but want to use this awesome game to its full potential. In the meantime Im back to playing OG spintires, sadly enough 😞

TL;DR, why no multiplayer mod support?

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