Feature Request: Randomise Vehicle Positions and hide from map.

Ok so I know this has probably been picked up on before but following off the back of earlier suggestions, I warned I might brain fart a bit so here it goes. Not a required fix by any means. I suggest this as potentially another relatively easy addition which could add a challenge and longevity to people who have played maps to death. Just a thought.

Basic summary: The current and planned maps, additional to the 'vanilla' available starting 'spawn' positions for vehicles, have a significant amount of additional spawn points added. I appreciate that the map design allows for significant amount of testing to ensure all point are reachable but to be fair, there are countless areas on a map where vehicles can potentially be placed both on the normal tracks (might need position and vector to ensure longer vehicles aren't jammed in trees etc) and in the lighter forest areas. I also appreciate that vanilla positions are chosen to fit in with scenery like farms, buikldings etc but for a hardcore challenge mode, I think this not being the case is not as important as the new challenge.

The player could then choose 'randomise vehicle position' [off|on|primary|all] from the game options menu where 'off' is what we see today, 'on' would for example be all vehicles except your starting selection, 'primary' would be all vehicles except your first chosen truck, 'all' would be every truck on the map. Obviously not all necessary or perhaps feasible, just food for thought again.

This would make it less easy to find or retrieve your vehicles, especially once you have played enough to know instinctively where the main spawn points are. You may even be forced to uncover parts of the map you may have never seen before in your usual 'path to complete' in order to find them.

Add to this an option to 'Show undiscovered vehicles on map' [on|off] would mean that even an experienced player would now have a whole new set of problems to figure out how to find and complete the map. Add 'List vehicles on map' [on|off] and the player would be told what he hasn't found as a teaser and driver to keep looking or choose to be kept totally in the dark.

I appreciate that there are potential issues with testing such a feature for playability but as long as the points are chosen without too much risk of collision with scenery (or minor map tweaks added) then it would still be possible without major alterations.

I also appreciate that if the algorithm is truly random, there would always be the possibility of the engine generating an unsolvable map but hey, rather than worry about solving this, recognise this is a hardcore players option and all part of the challenge. We're all grown up enough to accept you can't win every time. The fun is in trying 🙂

You could even add further challenges with:

An 'on wheels' toggle (on = trucks are driveable, off = may randomly need winching back upright).

A 'recovery damage level' slider or options [25|50|75|100] for maximum threshold of damage as overall percentage of vehicle health.

A similar 'recovery fuel level' for maximum threshold of randomised fuel amount.

Set all those features on or maxed and I bet you have a few extra hours gameplay 😉

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You sure you don't work for Focus or Sabre?? 🕵 😄

If only I had the skills, rather than just the opinions, I'd have sent them my CV already 😉

What u mean I no can win every time?? lol
A little imagination can do wonders for a sandbox style game like this. 🙂