The map is all finished up now so go check out the southern trails that weren't finish before.0_1526603555627_20180516222905_1.jpg

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this is a good map and i recommend people to at least try it out. still in the process of checking it out myself and i am liking it. a big thumb up for your first time out Harrison. well done.

This map kills, I like the difficulty, very challenging and the trails look good too, nice work.

Great work! Everything looks really natural.

Finally put the finishing touches on the map!

Awesome job Harrison. My type of map, nice and challenging. Thx

I'll check this one out. Haven't subbed to many maps but 'hardrock' sounds like a challenge.

First impressions are very well done, I love the steep decline you have with the rocks dug into the ground, and angled. It honestly feels like like I've been to the beach, spent a day and are exploring the trails around the beaten bush. Just the right level of rocks too.

alt text

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