Cross platform multi-player?

Never really knew what goes into it and maybe that's why very few games actually have it, but when playing online for Sandstorm, will we have PC players facing off against console players or will each platform have separate servers?

God, no. That never going to happen. Did anyone remember when Microsoft attempt to do Cross platform on Shadowrun?

The PC players end up demolishing the console players. I don't want Sandstorm to have any Cross platform support on launch day.

Eddit: On a second thought, I don't mind having cross platform support for PS4 and Xbox One. Having cross platform support for console and PC is still a big no no.

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Then they nerfed shadowrun on PC when playing cross platform and it basically killed the game.

Still, it relies wholly on Microsoft, and Sony being willing to allow cross platform between each other, and that's not going to happen.

However, Fortnite proved it's entirely possible for cross platform across all "accidentally" early on in it's console release days. Then during the game awards called out Sony & Microsoft to let them do it.

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