For Jeep fans

I seen this video on FB today and thought I'd share it for all the Jeep fans here. It may make for a good spot on a map somewhere.

Jeeps crawling up rocks

@tattoo I saw that clip a couple of months ago and I still cant believe how much traction you have on those kind of rocks, never drove on something like that my self, we only have mud, sand and slippery stones overhere.....

i've seen even more crazy climbs wich I tried to replicate in spintires and so far after the usual shake down of my mods I can say that you can get my jeeps and other climb 60º- 85º rocks (85º being small rocks climbs like a SWB edge climb like in terra verde) because ussing realistic mass, a center of mass 20cm under the wheels center and friction (2.3 being the most real amount of traction) makes the cars act like IRL or atleast feel like so

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