Feature Request: Crash report generation and submission

Very quick one.

Not sure how easily this can be done (or maybe is already under the hood) but I see that for PC, there is an article as to where to find and how to submit crash reports.

Obviously consoles being a closed system, we can't do that but I for one would be more than happy to support development and bugfix efforts by submitting crash reports if the system generated them. Ie if not auto-submitted, if there was a separate item off the menu or maybe options or settings screen that allowed me see the list of recently generated crash reports, I could, after an unexpected exit or similar, go back to the screen, check the date/time of the crash reports listed with the console time (maybe show for reference) and submit back to you guys with a summary description of what was happening at that time.

Of course you will likely get a fair bit of spam but still, delivered with valid crash reports. You could then drill down per grouping and look for those with meaningful summaries.

If I'm missing something and there is already a way on XBox to do this please let me know


It's really good point and i hope this topic get an answer because some people seem to be in the dark on consol with no way to play and no answer to their problem, would be nice to know if a current system is gathering some info/data/crash dump/etc.
Because otherwise they just bought a piece of code for nothing except taking space on their consol hdd.

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