G29 on PS4

Need help, please how can I setup my g29 steering to play because its working with other games only mudRunner not functioning??

Hello.I bought this game on day one and I am still waiting for the steering wheel to be fully supported. I think there are a lot of people who are waiting for the full steering wheel support for ps4 and xbox one and you do not do anything else with it. Please answer if PS4 users will finally have Force fedback for the steering wheel ? if so, when to expect it ? Thank you for answer.

I have the same question.
Autocenter is enabled, no Force Feedback effects at all, and you have to open another game with wheel support to enable the 900 degree wheel range (instead of 180 default degrees).
Are you looking into this problem? Is it going to be fixed in the next update?

Thanks in advance. Great game only eclipsed by this issue in my opinion.

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