Avatar on Homepage is bugged!

It seems the Avatar is not working properlyy. It bugs out and changes Picture randomly to another even when confirming and Saving with new Picture. It chooses a random one from my Thumbnails from Steam...

PLEASE HAVE A LOOK! in spare time of course!

Community Manager

HI, I guess you're talking about the forum avatars. Moving the topic to the Focus forum section.

We didn't detected any issue with avatar on our side. It's a pretty odd bug. Have you tried reseting your temporary files with CTRL + F5?

Hey Netheos 😉

no i havent... and yes i ment the Avatar from the Forum (sry...). It seems that sometimes it chooses a Thumbnail from Steam automatically. It shows the one you selected at first. but when you save your Picture it shows the Thumbnail ^^ lol

I tried it yesterday again, and it is changed now again...



Nice your little trick worked out 4 me!

Thnx m8

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