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So I have been looking around trying to find some information on how to teach myself, but I haven't had much luck. Most of the video tutorials I found are based on the old version of Spintires.

I have 3ds Max 2018, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Notepad++ already, but I'm not sure how to use them correctly. I downloaded a 3d model online and opened it in 3ds Max and got it exported as a .x file, but when I open it in the Mudrunner Editor program the scale off and some parts of the model are much bigger than others. I'm not sure if I forgot a step or what. I also tried following the guide but I couldn't make sense of what was going on. It's not very beginner friendly. Any help would be appreciated.

Особой разницы нет в экспорте из 3ds Max других версий игры, но 3ds Max 2018 не поддерживает плагин kwxport...

if on export some parts of the modal are different sizes, then it maybe that you have used scaling of that part, in which case you need to reset the parts xform using the "reset xform" function.

just remember you will have to unlink parts from the parent-child hierarchy before resetting their xform, as it can have undesirable effects on parts attached to them, if you leave them attached.

e.g. lets say you scaled a cube by 150% in one axis, and 75% in the other two axis, and if you were to export it and dependent on the export function, when you open it in an external app it could be back as a cube with 100% scale in all axis, if you were to reset its xform before export, then shape would be retained and all the scales would be reset back to 100% for the new shape, so when its exported it doesn't get rescaled.

resetting xform also resets the rotation back to 0deg in all axis but the mesh will stay in the orientation it was.

generally speaking resetting xform is something you should do for ALL parts before assembling parent-child hierarchy and doing animation etc.

there are plenty of guides for resetting xform and the do and don'ts, and the steps to take, just see google or youtube.

Alright I fixed that problem but now one side of the model doesn't show up in the Spintires Editor

Looks more like you are missing some parts.
Are the missing parts showen on the other side?

Yes the other side of the truck is complete. Both sides show up in 3ds Max

Im no modder but was building things in c4d.
Maybe u missed to mirror the stuff the correct way?

I downloaded the model online from 3dwarehouse and this is the other side in 3ds Max. It shows there but when I try to view it in the Spintires Editor, it's nowhere to be found

try displaying the "normals" of the mesh, it may be possible when it was built the right side was cloned from the left side, but some of the normals are still in their left-hand orientation, which is causing problems with the exporter and causing the triangles faces to be in a left-hand orientation, as if you look at the image of the exported modal with the missing right side, the RH mirror looks to have its triangles flipped, so you may have to reset the mesh normals.

or you could try reducing the part count by attaching parts on the right to similar parts on the left or to the cab itself

hi, just caught you post.. any luck with the tutorials? i just picked up 3ds max, and i'm lost..
i work with photoshop and illustrator, so they are not a problem. like you said the videos are dated and not very concise, any info you could pass on would be greatly appreciated. TY

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