How to beat Deluge

hi everyone im new to the forums, i was wondering if anyone has any tips to complete Deluge. Ideas on what vehicles to start with and best way to navigate the map would be appreciated. I'm going to be playing it on casual for my first playthrough.


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Well, how do you want to beat it? If you want to unlock all vehicles and waypoints go north. If you want a speed run, cross south. Both are crosseable, but that doesnt mean that it isnt a pain, in fact south is a pain and north is more doable. I honestly dont know about middle, where there is that island.

There are a couple of tips that you can follow. One, if you dont know, is to check the depth with the red bars in the map. You can see the bars if you do a full zoom in. Another tip is that whatever the way you choose, try always go to the nearest tiny island and go from island to island. When I say tiny island I mean those small gaps where a truck barely fits, but its solid ground.

Having in mind how the game is designed, like "long roundabout = easy terrain, short cut = difficult terrain", I think that then middle should be easier to cross than south, with the logs, but I havent tried.

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Basically you can, use the old ST route and cross by the old crossing with the tiny island in the middle or follow the asphalt road and go mid map then turn right towards the usual vehicles to be unlock and in mid road change your course to the direction of garage.

ok thanks for the tips, do you have any suggestions which vehicles to start out with?

If you send me partially uncovered map I can draw the safe roads.

Kamaz that you start with is ok, I like to change it for that blue truck one of the 4320 I guess

By the time of unlocking "Deluge" you should have unlocked some capable vehicles. But, for example, default C255 would do.
If you go scouting map - there's some powerful rigs may spawn and you would like to use it.
And before you actually start doing objectives, I'd suggest you to pick K700 and do some initial water scouting - it has highest engine placement, so it's best choice when you looking for shallow waters without much risk.

I have attempted Deluge three times so far and I either get stuck and flood my engine, or I keep running out of fuel near the northern waypoint in the middle of the flood. I have attempted to convoy the two default vehicles and if I have enough fuel I tend to get stuck and flood my engine/s.

I swear the old map from the original game was nowhere near this hard... I adore Spintires however until I find a suitable vehicle and route combination, with enough fuel, I keep getting myself into an irretrievable situation.

Leave the start area with no trailer on. It is that which gets you into trouble. Turn right and cross at the top end where the Lumber area is. First off get the garage opened by unlocking any vehicle that can give 4 points without using a trailer. Use the 2nd garage to add a trailer if you wish but it's better to use a large vehicle that takes medium logs with no trailer.Take your time, no rush, try to keep at 90 degrees to the current and throttle wide open. The minute you release it you are most likely a gonner. You cross empty at the top end and cross loaded at the bottom end furthest away from the lumber area where you loaded up.

Once you get the bigger vehicles unlocked use one that doesn't require a trailer but still fills with medium logs. Yes you can do it with a trailer but it makes life so much harder. Drive to the opposite end from the Lumber area on the same side of the land. If you can have a fuel truck and repair truck handy that helps, use them just before you cross on the lumber run out across the water. Look at a piece of land that juts out just to the right of the road. Use this to cross to the nearest bit of land and keep repeating this with bits of land by hugging close up to them. You will weave in and out and see little bits of road so you know you are on the right route. Take it slowly and if your truck leans right then turn your front wheels right and drive forwards slowly to counteract the lean. Keep going for tracts of land that save you taking wide open areas of water with a strong current, only do them when you really have to. By looking for these bits of land you still stay in the water but close to the land where there is no current or undertow. Honestly, this is real easy once you master this route just once! Just take your time and be careful, it's not a race.

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Here is a map how to get there. This is an example, not the only possibility, though. Forget about the trailer winch the other truck. I made it with two trucks and 1/3 tank left on hardcore.

green circle - tarmac from starting point
red circle - asphalt to the garage
blue and green lines - some alternative paths

The road you can go with logs.
Try more or less taking the green road, look into the water, sometimes one meter left or right might be quit deep.

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I just did this last night on casual. The hardest part is at the beginning. Use the default trucks since they'll come with the garage addon, don't mess with the trailers. I went north (don't forget to unlock the trucks) and then west following the paved road. If you zoom in on the map, you can see little red depth markers on the water. Use this to identify the safest places to drive. The most hazardous places are in the currents, if you get into too deep of water the current makes it very difficult to move.

Once I unlocked the garage, I got lucky and found an E-7310 on the west side of the map. This will take a load of medium logs without a trailer, and is large enough to pretty much drive anywhere on the map without getting swamped. I accidentally drove it straight through the middle of the river on the west side (not at a crossing) not realizing that the last watch point was on the other side of the water...

The E-7310 does use a LOT of fuel though, so for the two trips to the objective I put a utility trailer behind it with fuel and parts so I would have enough fuel for the second trip. It didn't have any trouble dragging the trailer along the most direct route along the south edge of the map. Alternatively, you could park a different truck near the logs with fuel and refuel there for the second trip.

If you don't get the E-7310, use the biggest truck you have, preferably the D-537 which should be able to handle a log carriage and trailer at the south crossing. Worst case, use the two starting trucks with log carriages (no trailers) and make multiple trips.

many possible crossings, i just suggest which ever crossing you are most comfortable with really. they all have their holes and bad spots you must avoid, so it is up to you. i have crossed the north, southwest and middle with and without the trailers. it takes a bit longer, but will say the north does seem to be the better option overall though imo.

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thanks for all the replies and great suggestions everyone 🙂

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