Post your likes..dislikes & other fun things to do besides mission objectives hear

I really like the visual effects like watching the articulation of the suspension & looking at difference between of the wheels that slip from da wheels that grip when diff lock is off also looking at the drive shaft & wheel axles turning.


There's just not a lot of things to do.

Other fun things to do

In single player..i like to challenge my self by parking the trucks close together with out hitting anything & at the same time wishing for working mirrors and wheel support.

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Likes are about the same, watching the drivetrain and suspension working. general exploring and looking around the map and getting screenshots for my desktop and just checking out mod vehicles and maps for screenshots.

Dislikes, the PC specs are listed as the same as the original, but yet it does take more i figure. i did not have frame rate issues on the original, but yet i do with mud runner on the same game/video settings. the rest of my dislikes i will hold on since a quick update can fix them easy enough. (no brakes on the bigger truck when using force accel (cruise control), can not play any maps if the balance points are exceeded, etc...).

Other things? well just general mucking about (logging and trail ride) and checking out the different mod vehicles and maps. maybe a bit of testing for friends who make mods. making small tweaks to the game for my own personal taste. checking out the stock vehicles on mod maps to see just how far they can go (some people would be surprised just how capable some of the stock vehicle are).


  1. I really like the new controller controls. I don't need to use the mouse much any more.

  2. I like the new crane controls along with the helpful hints at the bottom because I don't use it much and I forget what they do. I think that's very helpful.

  3. I like the new cabview. I find it very useful when taking shortcuts thru the trees.

  4. I like how we add mods in MP now. Makes it a lot easier to manage a game now.

I'm sure there's more but this is just what I can think of right off.


  1. I really hate that zoom in feature after selecting addons and/or loading lumber and wherever else he has it. That truely needs to be removed. Very very annoying.

  2. I don't like, when I add user-made maps, that the list doesn't scroll very good. It's hard to see what maps I have in there.

  3. I don't like that we can't see what mod someone used for an MP session and we have to download it before we see what mods they chose. We should be able to see what mods they chose before we download it.

  4. I really find it VERY annoying that I have to align the small log trailer before it will load. That is such a bad idea and needs to go. So very annoying.

  5. I don't like the list of mods in the both lists, the first list that uses the billboards images of the mods and especially the list without images that are just placed in the list randomly. I feel they should alphabetized or sorted in some way to find them easier. It's very difficult to find a specific mod with the way they are listed now.

  6. I don't like that we can't use our own tire treads for mods because the editor re-names the textures and makes them useless.

That's all I can think of atm and will add more if/when I think of it.

All in all tho, I think it's a lot better game now with the things I do like and hope to see more improvements along the way now that Pavel is teamed with a reputable company.

+1 to Saber/Focus. Thank you very much for giving this game the attention it deserved.


The physics; water, mud suspension etc..

The random truck spawns

The k700 loader ❤ (I like parking my trucks on the paved road on seashore and then grabbing the logs at the kiosk with the k700 and loading the trucks on the road; Coast was always my favorite map due to the loose log/kiosk locations, and seashore is the same way)

The little details (exhaust causing the water to bubble; stuff like that)


I smashed my finger earlier and now it has turned blue and is throbbing with pain as I type this

Running over a tree/bush and it attaches to your axle, basically winching you to the ground and it pulls you backwards (not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but it's very annoying) Was inches away from the objective last night when this happened in a b-131 and it took me like 5+mins to break free since that truck is rather weak and I didn't have any winch points to pull me forward

Camera auto zoom at garages and when entering advanced mode... so very very annoying

Not being able to see the mod before you download it in a lobby. It's not as bad now since there aren't as many mods out, but once you get 50+ pages of mods that take up 10+gigs of space, it's not really feasible to have them all, especially when you are limited on HDD space and download speed. Also too many kids like to use crappy made overpowered trucks that I do not want to use. It would be nice to see the mod before I decide to download

Lack of information in the server list. When all you see is the map name and number of players, it is too easy to keep joining the same lobby over and over... would be nice to see more information such as the lobby leader and hardcore/casual

No hotkey for the cab camera or winch disconnect

The tutorial messages that Tattoo likes. There should be an option to disable these. Cruise and crane control alike. Maybe the cruise ones could disappear after a few seconds like the cab camera ones do. The main thing that bothers me about the crane control ones is how they block the chat

I know I have more dislikes, but it's by far one of my favorite games.

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I like to come here and complain

I'd like to add that I like the option to turn off the controller rumble. That's cool that he added that in there. Thanks for that.

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