Discount for Spintires owners

Is the discount still available? On the site it is posted that there is a 50% off but when I go to steam there is no discount.

@evopheonix Just checked Steam, no more discount for ST owners sadly.

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Pretty sure the website indicated that the discount was only available until Oct.31 (Mudrunner launch day)...

Bought my second copy on nov 3 with the discount.

Christmas sales soon then January. Keep watching, you never know. As one sale stops the next one begins these days. Unless they make adequate advances and changes with MR they will have to reduce the price to make up for lack of sales anyway. Has it been quite the hit Spinrunner turned out to be yet?

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If you look for a while (I don't want to post it directly here), you can get it now as low as 19.39€.

Hi all!

We're terribly sorry about the fact that the loyalty discount isn't currently showing. We're working on getting that working again, and so we recommend not buying the game until that loyalty discount has returned. It should have returned by this evening, but please bear with us.