Dat live rear axle tho...
11ses for days!

Some of my last builds
Nissan patrol wagon (I made 2 haha one for surge but ill only show mine for now)
black-gq-tough-dog-2-800.jpg 20190923173041_1.jpg

and also the sponsored build for the garage
20190924221916_1.jpg 20190924221654_1.jpg

Zip ties Toyota VDJ79
20190924203358_1.jpg 20190924203136_1.jpg 20190924175656_1.jpg

and finally i got a update on the garage build and they have the cage done for it
so i put in in engine tho they changed the engine plans
20190925113949_1.jpg 20190925113944_1.jpg 20190925113827_1.jpg

Eunos JC Cosmo! Needs 3-rotor Wenkel under the hood! 🙂

@Forces Cool!!! I whish my brother would be interested on these kind of stuff. He only wants to Party and play DOTA2.

Wow, that's awesome, especially for a first time.

Couple of Big Updates in the last week
I got a 8bg Patriot Signature 1333 ddr3 Ram sticks (2x4) New Card a Asus CSM GT 1030 and still looking forward to buy a 1050 but now i can improve my models even more by lifting the 200k max rule that i had... now its 3M poly (for game before i start lagging) and 2m Poly rendering for Blender, also moving to Blender 2.8 for rendering because it improves the render times by 100%
on 2.79
4k rendering on the gts .... N/A (hits the memory limit of 900mb)
4k rendering 200 Samples with Full Globa Ilumination 35min
on 2.8
4k rendering on the gts .... N/A (Blender supports down to the Geforce 700 series cards)
4k rendering 200 Samples with Full Globa Ilumination 19min

i still dont undersand the UI of 2.8 so i just will render on it

also ive worked a few models sadly I dont have any pics of all of them but on Instagram i have them all posted ( @gercar3 )

@Forces Make sure you uncheck the option "Load UI" when opening 2.79 projects on 2.8, otherwise, it'll mess up your 2.8 interface making it really hard to understand.

Latest Renders on hi res and over 600 samples

@deathcoreboy1 ah thanks for that info man, still learning 2.8 but things are going smooth

TacoHiRes.jpg Nova Render.jpg nAVARRA 5.jpg Navarra.jpg J80 Ute Manual Lights.jpg Burbam.jpg HiluxRedner.jpg

@Forces that triple black 396 Chevy Nova would be a nice asset for American Wilds

G'day guys, @Forces an i have organized a little giveaway on our discord server

There will be 3 winners, Each winner will receive a Steam key for the game: American Truck Simulator

You can invite your friends so they can enter too if you would like.

Heres the link to the discord server where you can read on how to enter the giveaway in the #announcements channel

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