I am asking for an official reply regarding the removed content

It seems to me that very long ago there were no official explanation about the removed options: the possibility of changing wheels and tires and rescue crane for MAZ 7310. It's nice that the most recent update will finally add a normal camera, but what about removed content liked by everyone? When will it be added back? Secondly, it would be good if there was an option to change the color of the vehicles in the game, or even its specific elements.
I am asking for a quick answer. I know a few people who refunded the game just because they do not understand why good content was cut out of the game.
I am asking for comments only from people associated with developing of the game!

You're going to have to accept that not all decisions will be explained or commented on, nor will all questions be answered. Either they don't have time to answer or they simply don't want to. This goes for any developer, and possibly even any company.

The wheel issue was actually explained, or at least commented on, in this forum. I can't remember exactly what was said. Maybe not the most satisfying answer. Rescue cranes I don't know anything about.

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The only 2 explanations I can find is... some licencing issues and/or the idea to give that to unaware players in a DLC as a bonus. OK.. I have the third one, the most probable, Pavel woke up in a bad mood and decided to remove it. Other than that I can't find a reason. He actually explained the thing about the wheels, didn't convince me at all.. the other content explained he not.

@mistahk76 I'm having the feeling that this game is not going in the right direction at all, and that's not only me sayin', all the Spintires streamers are complaining about the lack of updates and content...


Surely operation console-relase was operation grab moaaar cash, I dont't blame them for that but they should also think that it means more work. I don't exactly know what differences are there between the platforms when it comes to adding new features but at least it means 2 more testing sessions for 2 platforms.

Thus being said I am waiting for a first DLC/Update to see what they have to offer. It would be nice to see it around xmas this year. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see it coming spring 2018.

There is no official thread about the future of the game and a possible timeline of those events. While I do understand that to some extent, I also have the feeling that the game is all about tonnes of wasted potential for now.

@mistahk76 I'm starting to think that the team (?) working on the game simply has not enough people, maybe Pavel does not want to let anyone work on his game? I am also worried that the work on the updates is very slow and actually we did not hear anything about a large update (such as adding tracked vehicles, new maps and other vehicles, winter in the game and weather system announced already in 2014!! (yes, I remember correctly!)

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@knight25 Unfortunatly there is not enough content on this game, especially on consoles where we don't have mods...

@knight25 About wheel sets

@pavel said : No, and that is one of the reasons why "change vehicle wheels" feature was removed in MudRunner. There is no real scenario in the current state of the game where you would need to change vehicle wheels during the game session. So if you want to have multiple sets of wheels, you should use "inheritance" XML feature (will be documented better with release of MudRunner), it makes it easy to customize any parameters you want for your spare set of wheels (a different vehicle).I know it sounds like a downgrade but like I said before, there are reason for that.
But if turns out to be a bad decision in the end, we can of course bring that feature back in a patch.

Tracked vehicles :

@pavel said :

Tracked vehicles is one of the top priorities. Thank you for your patience!