can't get progression points need help

just a quick question i start playing yesterday,
but I don't get any progression points how do i fix it ?

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You will get some (one to be precise) when you fullfill all objectives on a map (finisehed the map).
If you've just started, you can't get any points.

That's the problem I don't, to be precise i get nothing,
I'm on the seashore but have not got anything out of it,
and the same with the other two

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Which map you have started isn't important. Have you finished some? Deliver ALL objectives? If yes, then you should receive progress-point. If yes and didn't get some, its a bug.
Also you have to keep in mind that, the point AUTOMATICALLY unlock next map. There is no "safe more points and then use them all together" possibility.
And I am not sure if progression points work together with mods...

so what you say is that if you have mods installed it does not work
and if so, can you reset the game to the start (clean install)

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I am saying that I DON'T KNOW if it works with mods.
But I PRESUME, it doesn't. Progress-points challenge you to beat the game, in which case, MODs are sort of cheating...

If now I would have a clean install how do i do that?

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Sorry, I don't understand your question...
Can you rephrase it?

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Uninstall and install again? The surest way, I think?

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Hi @creeperteam21,

Are you properly unloading logs at lumber mills?

The mods that you installed, were they from the workshop or were the from another source?


exactly..if you are using Mods from the workshop you are ok..but if you use mods from any other source points will not be rewarded...ANd you have to deliver the logs to each place..NOT just all to one mill....

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