How do you compare this to Escape from tarkov?

First of all I want to say I love hardcore shooters!

Just wondering if you guy have played escape from tarkov yet?because for me that game is the most realistic hardcore FPS shooter game Ihave ever played.
The gun fight is so intense and the details of those guns are just unbelievable!

I played insurgency alots before I met EFT, now I watched some sandstorms video and wondering how do you (devs) compare this to EFT?

Can sandstorm be better than EFT?

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Hi there!

First off, thanks for your question!

I've personally played a lot of Escape from Tarkov, and I think it's best said that Sandstorm is a very different game than EFT. You mentioned that you played a lot of Insurgency already, and Insurgency: Sandstorm is very similar to the original Insurgency, with a focus on player-vs-player firefights and realistic shooting. Not so much persistance or focus on looting like in Escape from Tarkov.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

@edward980614 said in How do you compare this to Escape from tarkov?:

Can sandstorm be better than EFT?

Can EFT be better than Insurgency?
Can Tetris be better than MarioKart?

As you can see it all depends on the point of view.
Yes EFT is very good, but also is Insurgency and tbh will be Insurgency Sandstorm.
its not about "which is better" its about "what do you like" and if you like both hell yea just play both and have some fun-time 😉

You cant directly compare such different shooters yes they are both hardcore-tactical but thats it,
but you played Insurgency, so you kinda know what intense action will be waiting for you 😉

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well lets start to make a few points

  1. EFT is surivial game pure and simple, Insurgency is NOT! (tho there is a surivival mode)
  2. NWI staff are more dedicated than the shitty DEVS at EFT
  3. NWI care more about users than EFT will and honstley price the game much more competitivly
  4. Insurgency is more fun than EFT

I feel like if you've already played Insurgency then you should already have a good idea for yourself. They are completely different games. I feel like they shouldn't even really be compared.

I have played Insurgency and EFT as well. EFT has persistent elements, while Insurgency is more about playing "matches" in a more traditional multiplayer sort of way. I love them both and I think players of both games will generally appreciate the other. They both have realistic hardcore shooting action and gun modding systems so I'm planning on playing them both for years to come.

Ofcourse it can be better than it!
I have not played EFT, but when I was browsing on their website.. there were some SPECIAl editions of the game which you could purchase for extra bag space ?? I did not like that.
Again I have not played escape from tarkov, the gameplay might be fun, but the way it was advertised and hyped up reminds me of Dayz Standalone; and look where that game is now..

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