some performance improvement after latest patch :)

Just installed the latest patch, set fps to 60fps, put frame smoothing to on and just played a few games, im pleased the guys seem to be listening as it is defo an improvement with less stutters, still needs some work but things have defo improved for me,im playing on medium settings
how are you guys finding it? post below with specs

i3 6320
gtx 970
8gb ddr4

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It's playable for me now, but there's still some annoying stutter.

Yup. The thing that shook me the most was the framerate on the main menu. I went from 107fps to 204.
I now play the game with higher settings, limited to 45fps so that I don't experience too much violent frame drops. Works kinda well, but you're definitely right when saying optimization still needs some work.
With an i7 4930K, 980Ti, 16Gb of ram (i'm running the game on a 1Tb sshd, so not the best), I still should be able to max this out in 1080p at a stable 60fps (maybe even 4K at 30-60fps).

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