need help finding files.

ok, so i was just playing around and trying a few things out. got rid of the steam user icons and the border warning. now this is where i am having a bit of trouble. i decided to see if i could do something about the "key functions" overlay. i figured how to get rid of the icons for it easy enough, but the border and writing are still there. anyone know what those file names are for those two things?


note the middle bottom of my screenshot.
alt text

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O Man I hope you figure this out so annoying to look at while making videos, My Screenshots are fine I don't have anything on my screens by just turning off the show hud on screenshots option , but videos is driving me crazy lol

well the functions overlay does stay there during screenshots, if you have something open or on, which is why i want to remove it. i play with KB controls and drive with force accel (cruise control) basicly all the time, so i have to click out of it when i want to take screenshots without having the overlay, which stopping in the middle of some obstacles ends with things going badly (aka rolled truck, etc..)

well i think i am getting closer. i have managed to get it to disappear. only problem is how i got rid of it, also got rid of the normal HUD overlay as well. back to the drawing board i guess. lol

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@8up-local dont give up man! ive been looking around myself lol

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oh i am not giving up yet, just rethinking things. am curious to if it might be in the game XML or something? like i said i figured out how to get rid of the whole HUD, but it should be a part of the UI though.

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ok, i am struggling to find these 2 files. the one that makes the control features "box" and the writing in the "box" at the bottom of the screen. @Pavel @Iyagovos

alt text

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could it be put together from those boxes in ""?
And the text is probably just a text, -> strings -> en -> ui.txt
But I am just guessing, no deep research 🙂

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@sodoma yeah i found the strings folder the other day, but it has not done anything yet. the text still remains. now that dxut file i have not been able to open yet, i need to get a program for it still. i think you are right though and they are in these files, but i am just rough guessing myself.

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I have Gimp with some "DDS opening addon", both "free2play"

And modification of ui.txt works 😉

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awesome, now to find the "box" part. thanks again Sodoma.

edit: i just realized the dxut file you are talking about i can open and have looked at it, but that box does not look like it is in there, but i will mess with them to see.

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That box changes its size in accordance to how many things is in it.
Deleting ui.txt line shrinks it, same way works when I delete button icon, but some minimum size is still there. Just empty box with fading edges...
I am afraid there is no special texture for it...

@Sodoma i was thinking the same. it's size is dictated by what text or how much text is used. as in the image stretches and contracts as needed. i am still at a loss for the text though. i tried exactly what you did but the text is still there. i am wondering if it is just the editing programs being used maybe? i am using NotePad ( i stated wordpad in my message, but this was incorrect) what program are you using for editing the text?

@8up-local so in the end there's no real way to get rid of it completely?

right, there is still a bit of the "box" left so far. so not sure if it can be gotten rid of just yet. still need to do some more messing around in the files to hopefully find it.

@8up-local said in need help finding files.:

...i figured out how to get rid of the whole HUD...

Do you mind sharing exactly how you did that? Or, better yet, do you think there's a way to change the color of the HUD? I can't seem to figure out how to do either one. 😞

@mudhappy well getting rid of the HUD completely is easy enough, just erase the images in the texture zip (not delete) with paint net program. only thing is though you can not see when you are wanting to use the advanced feature. however i did not check to see if you could still use the advanced features when this is done. i believe you can still use the features in advanced that are numbered with the number keys.

edit: there is also a a file or two in the mesh zip as well.

will have to play with the files a bit to figure out exactly what does what again to be totally sure. it was something i came across when messing around with files, so i did not bother remembering exactly how it is done.

changing the color can be done, but not fast and easy that i know of. basicly you have to repaint the original images or create your own from scratch. repainting would be easier if you want the stock image only recolored. the solid colors (black/white) are simple to do. the tranparent parts though will need to be matched on the transparency.

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@8up-local Yeah...I'm just having trouble finding the actual files I need to mess with. I look and look and can't find anything that looks like the HUD, or mentions HUD specifically. All the "ui" or "gui" stuff doesn't seem to be related at all. So far as I can tell. Oh well. I give up. Hopefully someone will figure out how to change the color eventually.

But if you do happen to remember what you did, or how you did it, or can even give me some file names, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it.


@mudhappy ok, the files for the HUD are in the meshcache zip. there are 3 GUI files. one for the compass, one for the shifter and one for the controls/info (fuel/damage). you can delete the files, but then things will not work properly. however if you know or can figure out the coding you can open these files with Notepad or similar program to edit it. i have not messed with editing these files though, so i am not totally sure if this is exactly what you are wanting. once open there are some places where it looks like a set of numbers for color value imo (0-255). play around and see what you can find.

there is also the compass and dash texture files in the texture zip, so you might have to play with these for the compass. i am not totally sure though. as i have said i have not actually fiddled with these files to see what happens.

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@8up-local said in need help finding files.:

@mudhappy ok, the files for the HUD are in the meshcache zip. there are 3 GUI files. one for the compass, one for the shifter and one for the controls/info (fuel/damage). you can delete the files, but then things will not work properly. however if you know or can figure out the coding you can open these files with Notepad or similar program to edit it. i have not messed with editing these files though, so i am not totally sure if this is exactly what you are wanting. once open there are some places where it looks like a set of numbers for color value imo (0-255). play around and see what you can find.

I'm pretty sure it's in that gui_controls file. I wouldn't know the first thing about how to edit the code. I wish I did. Because I'm almost certain that's the only way to change the color of the HUD. Those other color values that are easily recognizable, and changeable, aren't it. I somehow managed to change them successfully once. Which only changed the colors of the needles on the dashboard gauges, and the border around the dashboard itself. And I have no idea how/why I was able to get that to work the one time that it did. Every time I've messed with them, or any other part of that file, since I've ended up breaking it. By breaking and it I mean changing anything in that file causes the HUD and the entire dashboard to disappear. And for some reason replacing the file with an unedited backup copy won't fix it either. I have to verify integrity of game files through Steam to get the HUD and dashboard back. Makes no sense to me...but whatever works.

Oh for crying out loud. Why with the spam filter making editing posts a PITA?

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@mudhappy instead of verifying, have you tried copy/pasting the original file from a backup zip in a work folder? i make a copy of the games zip folders in a work folder, unzip them and make changes there. if things do not work then i copy/paste the original zip files back to the game zips. this way you are replacing the original file back which then should not need a verification. this works for me anyway, hopefully for you too. i hate verifying my game since i end up having to replace all my edited files back to the game. i guess i really need to make a new edited game folder to copy/paste incase i do need to verify again for some reason.

cool you got the color to change though. i am no coder myself, but i try to learn.

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looks like with the update that they have addressed the overlay when taking screenshots. it "hides" with the rest of the hud now for screenshots. while not totally what i was hoping for, it is good enough for me.

I just wanted to mention there's not much "coding" knowledge involved with changing colors. I taught myself how in a matter of minutes without knowing the first thing about it. Sometimes in an xml, or whatever file type, where you see (0; 0; 0) the numbers represent an RGB color code(Red; Green; Blue). You can google "numeric color codes" to find a ton of reference RGB color codes. Or make your own by throwing your own numbers/values in there. That much I know for sure.

Things I'm making a self-educated guess about are...

If there's 4 numbers (0; 0; 0; 0), the 4th number is an overall intensity value. Which can be thought of as a kind of "fader". Higher numbers = more intense/less faded color. The x 0.0 after the (0; 0; 0) is the brightness multiplier. Which you might think would be the same or similar to intensity. But it's not at all. Intensity doesn't really change the way the color looks. It just "fades it" in or out. Kind of like making it more, or less, transparent. Changing the brightness multiplier totally changes how the color looks. The way it seems to work is by adding more "whiteness" to the color. A higher number = a paler/"more white" color. For example a red with a higher brightness multiplier will become more pinkish in color.

We need an xml tweaking thread to explain all the things you can do with them. It's actually really simple and easy to understand stuff for the most part. And the amount of things that can be done just by tweaking the xmls is tremendous. You can customize damn near every aspect of the entire game, to some extent at least, just with xml mods.

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@mudhappy, I don't remember ever seeing 4 zeros in the code anywhere.

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@tattoo, it's kind of a rare find. I only became aware of it while messing around with the daytimes xmls. Where it shows up often(in every one actually).

For example here's a piece from day_3:

FogColor="g(179; 210; 244) x 0.4"
FogScatterColor="g(246; 234; 198) x 1.4"
HorizonColor="g(215; 231; 255) x 0.8"
SSAOColor="g(199; 213; 229; 200) x 0.2"
SkyBloomColor="g(205; 220; 231; 320)"
SkyColor="g(143; 193; 255) x 1.2"
SunColor="g(247; 225; 178) x 2.0"
SunDir="(1; -1; 0)"
VignetteFlareColor="g(201; 219; 247; 20)"

I figured out what it does by dropping that 320 in SkyBloomColor to 20. Made it virtually disappear. I've know idea what's up with that g though. Haven't fiddled with it yet.

It's in that gui_controls file I was messing with too.

DiffuseMultiplier="(255; 255; 255; 120)"
MeshParts="arrow_voltage, arrow_temp, arrow_rpm, arrow_pressure, arrow_kmh, arrow_fuel" don't mean 4 zeros like 4 zero values do you? Because that would be nothing right? I've never seen that either...that I can recall. I assumed you meant 4 values.

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@mudhappy, ok thanks. Haven't seen that before. I never messed with the g either so dunno. Sorry.

Maybe it's used to distinguish the color codes from the direction and position codes. Only thing I can think of.

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