Head shots should always be one shot kills - coop

So I was playing a game yesterday and it took 3 headshots to kill a bot, with an FAL. No he didnt have a helmet either (not that I think it makes a difference. This to my is unacceptable. If we make a well aimed shot shouldnt we be rewarded for that? Maybe theres something I dont know about with hit boxes or heavy armour negating damage to the head or something. But for me. If I hit a bot in the head or player for that matter it should be more often than not, especially with a higher calibre round, be a kill.

Perhaps if the bot is using heavy armour and that does negate damage to the head then that needs to be modelled on the bot or player by way of a helmet. Even though most helmets are rated to 44 magnum and other higher powered pistol rounds. But in my example the bot had baseball cap on.

I am all for harder to kill bots but I feel that simply making them more resistant to damage shouldnt be the way to do it.

Was he prone? I find that most of the time I run into this hitbox glitch it's when they're prone.

No, he was crouching. Maybe 5m away.

Same shit here with an AKM. Helmet or no helmet, 4 rounds to the head is 3 too many.

And what's worse is it typically only happens close range or on heavy-armor and I don't know WHY, because it also doesn't happen all the time either...