Speed up the reloads please

@s925033 > Knowing when to reload is a big thing in Insurgency2(source), but it's a childplay in Sandstorm.

—I would have to disagree a bit with you there mostly because I played insurgency source for a very long time and the TTK was better I hardly ever ran out of ammo and reloaded less with smarter reloading decisions. Not saying you didn’t need to be smart about reloading in source but in sandstorm I’m always out of ammo if seems especially when using a silencer and it taking almost half a mag to kill someone with heavy armour sometimes makes me have to reload often. So regardless I’m not saying they should speed up the reloads but would be nice to see them reload maybe with a little more urgency! Or just fix the damn TTk. MO.

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In game characters don't spend time on putting back old magazines and pulling out new magazines when doing normal reload(tactical reload).

Yah, I agree with this. The "tactical" (what I learned as "administrative") reload is a bit too fast in the magazine manipulation section. The weapon manipulation is great, but you stow that partial mag pretty damn quick. The speed could make sense when using a dump pouch, but I don't think dump pouches are modeled on the characters? Putting a partial mag back in a mag pouch tends to be a putzy thing. I also don't like doing it because it makes it more likely you'll grab a partial mag by accident in a speed reload, so I prefer dump pouches anyway.

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Check this out, speed reloads are generally like this. Way faster than the speed reloads presented in-game.

Youtube Video

Ok, so I'm going to preface this post by saying I'm not in the military, and I have never been in the military. My experience is as a police officer of almost 14 years. We carry C8 patrol rifles.

Situations are dynamic. This video shows a guy in the absolute best situation, which is a controlled and static environment. In a combat situation, which essentially is "speed reloading", you rip the mag out. You simply don't expect the mag to fall out when you press the release. (Ripping the mag out means you press the release and pull it out, throwing the magazine on the ground.)

s925033's post of the video showing the U.S. soldier is exactly how things should be done. At 37 seconds, watch how he ensures the bolt goes forward. He doesn't gently touch it, he slaps it. That's because in combat, your adrenaline is dumping and you lose your fine motor skills. You're trained to use gross motor skills whenever possible.

The video that DerpyDays posted shows a guy that obviously has some skills and talent - in static environments. You won't get soldiers doing things like that because it's too intricate, and if you make a mistake, that could mean your death. As for insurgents doing speed reloads - good luck. I highly doubt they have the level and quality of training that the U.S. military does.

Speed reloads seem slightly slow atm. Not much though.