Just an incredible amount of racism

We cannot see who is speaking so people are really hitting the racism hard right now since they're relatively anonymous. You need to fix this and muting ASAP because it's hyper toxic.

If you think the racism is bad, just wait till you play with some Jarhead who gets mad at anyone who uses a female operator because "It's not realistic", and then calling you a fag for disagreeing with their narrow mindset.

No doubt. I just listened to a guy go on a 15 monologue about how much he hates black people. I want them all banned.

@cootagechees said in Just an incredible amount of racism:

I want them all banned.

Ehh. As I've said on another thread about this ... I'll use the exact quote more or less... I don't think it's NWI's responsibility or job to be clobbering all the trolls with the hammer of social justice.

People could say whatever they want. You, however, should NOT have to hear it. Mute's gotta be added fast, but banning people? Please.