Current Issues

So I wanted to toss a few things out there that have been frustrating me the most as of late. I will not discuss TTK anymore I leave it in the hands of the insurgency gods. I will just say that at the very least please please do not add to the TTK that is all. Please know that some of these are just my opinions but I feel strongly about them and truly hope they at least are considered. I would also like to mention that AMBUSH is a must please I know several people that still play it (and only it) on source and will not purchase SS unless Ambush is added.

#1- The hit registry is still very broken I recorded a few videos of myself clearly shooting people as far as my iron sight was concerned (almost point blank) and nothing happening but could not figure out how to put them on here. I also have video proof of this from the recap even though only certain matches are in the recap? Never the less I assure you it is still in need of much attention.

#2- The very much discussed optimization it’s obvious it still needs improvement. I am running a i-7 8700K with 16Gig HyperX Furry ram and a GTX1080 and playing Push I range anywhere from 55fps(high action) to 120 fps(low action) with settings on very high for the most part (AUTO). This is quite lower than every other game I play (Squad, R6, ARMA3) I get damn near 400 fps playing counter-strike.

#3- Still not getting spawned in with the new wave after death sometimes. It’s extremely annoying to wait sometimes up to a minute just to watch basically your entire team spawn and you remain dead. Especially when it’s your last wave and now your team has no reinforcements. Both of these scenarios have happened to me several times.

#4- The vaulting and climbing still needs much improvement. Why is it so difficult to climb small boxes and objects? The sweet spot to activate a vault is really hit or miss and gets me killed all the time. I fail to climb things that I promise I could have climbed as a 5 year old. I get they have a lot of weight on them but common guys it needs to improve.

#5- Why is it so difficult to prone sometimes? Anytime you hit the prone button your guy should drop. Ever heard of hit the dirt? How about a dive feature at least. Leave it the way it is but if I hold shift+prone my guy dives and I’m not talking a huge long dive just “hits the dirt”! So many deaths because my guy very slowly has to ready himself to lay down? While being shot at?

#6- Is weapon jamming a thing or not? I have seen this several times where I do a ammo check or reload and my active mag is red? And I can’t fire. It’s not a blue mag or a partial or an empty mag it is clearly red in colour. And I must reload or discard the mag. Gets me killed often. Would just like to know what’s happening.

#7- I know hip fire is unreliable but if the person is chewing on the barrel of my rifle I can’t imagine how those bullets could possibly miss. Maybe hit reg.. again. I don’t know.

Anyways once again most of these are just MY OPINION and if you agree great if you don’t that’s fine too leave a comment and I would be more than happy to discuss. That is if you managed to make it this far! Bottom line I do really like the game and want it to succeed. Insurgency has been and I hope it remains my favourite game.

Captain Price if you read this your my hero man lol. I upvoted your post. A drink or two may have been involved. Please don’t lock this!

@planetcanada why post this twice? I guess its both general and technical feeback, but you could've just linked your other post.

I pretty much agree. Specially the prone issue. It cant save you to go prone as it simply takes too long and you are not able to do a thing while the animation is on. Really annoying. And just a little add... I must be a dwarf every time I drive the pick up because Im barely able to see over the steeringwheel or see the road right in front of me....

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@thehappybub Haha I don’t know what I’m doing man this is from my iPhone and I tried so many times to provide some videos and just could not figure it out for the life of me 😂

@byby said in Current Issues:

It cant save you to go prone as it simply takes too long

Yea, being able to drop to prone immediately would be cool and honestly realistic... more realistic than a slide

@planetcanada said in Current Issues:

from my iPhone

Get an android phone. Pleb. xD

As long as you can't shoot while transitioning in and out of prone, or can't shoot accurately at least. Few things are more frustrating than getting lit up when the enemy is halfway through a prone animation.

@weenie-bot I hear you I feel there are a few situations where you would be able to shoot though like collapsing into prone you could still shoot it would be very uncomfortable as you hit the ground and break your fall with your forearms and your aim would be non existent but still possible!