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wow just comparing the two is almost crazy. without the name on the top one you wouldn't think that i made it

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yall thought i aint gonna do maps no more

you outta bet ima pump some high quallity maps like a garden hose with water

Here you go man, as requested.
As stated, building trucks never kept my interest, I prefer maps but it was a decent start. Hopefully this makes you feel better about yourself.

2_1542663458747_truck2.jpg 1_1542663458747_truck1.jpg 0_1542663458745_truck.jpg

I'm glad that made you feel better little guy.
Keep up the good work.
Maybe once my map is complete I'll try and finish this project for you.

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why was good crossed out?

and no can you show me the buggy in game or is it just a model

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@JustCallMeSurge UPDATE: alright so the truck is scaled and has basic stuff on it, now im working on modeling shock hoops and a seat, and a steering wheel. im not sure when i will finish with it but for right now this is what ive got done.

if your reading this surge, can you please send me the logo that you want in steam again? it disapeared in the chat soo.... thanks! hope your liking it so far

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