Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the E-7429!

@fabio-brasil I think the hidden talent is either being able to carry 8 points or the 200L fuel tank on the back of the garage trailer. I was hoping for a transport trailer too.

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I do like the new level and the trucks are great more points to open garages was a good idea as well but I think we need a transport trailer just something that most people like to do.

An interesting find.
The new E7429 has 4 center wheels for drive as stock and the outer 4 will be used when AWD is enabled.
The front 4 wheels are for steering, so in the base setup we have 4 drive wheels out of which the front 2 are steering as well.

@mr-t yeah i noticed that as well quite weird right? is it like in real life on mzkt 7429?

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@iyagovos Could you clearify what the "hidden talents" are? Have not figured it out 😒

@bluebirde Hidden talent is the fact that it is the slowest vehicle in the game 😃