Coop after patch.

I was really hopeful that the patch was going to introduce a little more depth into Coop but alas it has not.

I havent won a game since said patch this is partly because I am learning to deal with a few tweaked aspects of the game. But I have many many issues I would like to bring up. Ill start off with the AI...

So, I had my gripes about the AI as many of us did but this new iteration is just silly. They throw themselves at you, and as soon as youve caped there is no retreat. Which often gets those few who actually managed to cap killed. Personally The previous AI were not aggressive enough, these however are on the other end and are too aggressive.

That aggression plus their for lack of a better term aimbot seems to make armour pointless. I cant tell you how many times iv been hit already by a bot doing a 180 and instagibbing me. Sure have them turn and fire but theres no way anyone should lose an engagement with another whos back is turned.

Lets not forget their ability to see through walls and then shoot you through them, this has happened to me plenty of times already as well as seeing those who I have ended up spectating. This should never ever happen. This also includes the kind of shots that only a computer could make. AKA spotting and proceeding to shoot through the smallest gaps in shrubs, trees and grass. The AI can also spot half my head peaking a window at 100m while they walk away from me. This needs to stop.

In the alpha we had rocket spam, early in the beta we had GL spam and now we have grenade spam. I understand using nades to flush out players, it really works. But when you need to dive out of B 3 times in 30 seconds because the AI keep throwing them, well it gets old fast.

Gunplay, not really an issue, though it really seems like the recoil has been ramped to 100 and personally I see no need at least in coop. Sure after getting used to it in the prepatch it was easy to control but again I think its gone a little too far in the other direction. Maybe its just that the recoil pattern doesnt reset to the original point of aim which I have always hated in games. If im aiming at something and I fire im not going to suddenly be aiming higher after iv settled, ill have found my target again. And so it should be here too. Also, why does it now take a year to ADS. Sure rifles can be heavy but It shouldnt take that long at all.

Molotovs. The time it takes between getting it out and lighting it is enough time to find the answers to life and the universe, please please make it faster. I dont want it to be instant but it shouldnt take that long surely.

ALSO, WE NEED UI SCALING OPTIONS. I have looked and its just not there, not that I can see anyway, I liked that the older UI was smaller, it was less cluttered.

Don't forget if they get within melee distance of you, YOUR melee takes 2 or 3 hits to kill them, but their "insta-poke" is 1 hit KO.

Also, when are bayonets going to be an option?

I agree almost all grenades seem too slow now. If I have a kit with 3 flashbangs. (the fastest grenade to throw) it takes like 15 seconds to throw them all because after each one it resets me back to weapon. TBH there should be a quickthrow button that grabs a nade off the vest with the left hand, pulls the pin with the right hands pointer finger (sticking through the trigger) and then throws instantly with the left hand.

This whole "stop everything you're doing and put down your weapon for 10 seconds just to throw a nade" is a little TOO tactical for me.

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It always was. Iv never even bothered with melee. Honestly I was annoyed when we could no longer unequip the knife.

The grenade spam is definitely excessive, and it isn't only on objectives. Playing on Refinery I was going through an area surrounded by walls when a (way too well aimed) grenade came from over a wall, literally bounced off my face and exploded. This happened TWICE on the same match.

Bots are now psychotic when it comes to the vehicles. The technicals are like magnets for them now, far worse than before. Kind of going along with them not retreating, when you take an objective where one spawns, such as insurgent's A on hideout, the surviving bots b-line it to the .50 on the spawning vehicle and take out half of the respawning players. Half the time you have to blow up the technicals meant for your team just so the bots don't get it.

Normal firefights are alright, but the 180 degree aimbot deaths are far worse, especially in close quarters. Maybe I'm just slow, but I feel like they are way too fast to turn and shoot now.

Overall, I agree the bots are way too aggressive now.

On a side note, why can the demo class only carry 2 40mm rounds now? It almost makes the GL not worth it IMO.