GAMESERVER BROWSER needs some improvements

Dear NWI Development team, first of all, thank you for your hard work so far !

I am sure that you guys had a lot of work to do for the last 8th November patch just to be in time.
So many bugs to fix and optimize things sure needed resources and time.

With this patch you integrated a gameserver browser and the possibility to choose manually to which server players want to connect to.
But as we all know it´s just a basic overview for servers in the ingame browser which only offers one single join button.
I would like to make some proposal to improve the server browser to the needs of players.

I would like to see the possibilities to :

  • list servers alphabetically
  • list by players ( for example 3/8 players )
  • list by Mode ( gamemode )
  • list by pingtimes ( latency )
  • a "Favorite" Tab/List and possibility to mark a server as my favorite so i can find it quickly in my favorite list
  • a "Played Recently" Tab/List to be able to find a server which i played on a few days or weeks ago ( which i didn´t add to my favorite list )
  • search a gameserver by name or fragments ( for example : i just know the server i am looking for contains the words "Angry Bots" )
  • for better overview and comparison i would like to have the line marked with another backround color if i click on a servername ( the whole line should be marked with a contrast-color )

As anyone wants to add supplementary proposals, feel free to post here too as we can summ up everything in one Topic.
Also you guys are invited to vote this thread up to give the devs some general feedback of necessity of improvement of the gameserver browser.

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@gsg_9_lightning I’m sure in time they will address this but either way I will upvote as I have noticed this myself and do agree with most of what you said I personally only ever prioritize server listings according to ping (if that makes sense) but that’s just me!

also I would like to have the played/next map to select/filter from. I just wanted to try smth out on a specific map and could not find any servers running it in 15 min server hopping 😞