Top rail instead of side rail for PK-AS on AKs.

AKM is my favorite gun and PK-AS is my favorite scope. But I just HATE the off-set side-rail it's put on and I don't get why that is. The 2x scopes with magnifiers get the top rail. Give it to PK-AS too.

Or alternatively in order to balance the older AKs, make the rail a 1 point attachment required to use sights and let us choose which one to get.

While it's certainly possible to mount a picatiny rail version of the PK-AS to an AK with a railed mount attachment, using the all-in-one offset PK-AS mount for the AK is "correct." For whatever reason, the off-center mounting on the AK is by design.

From the website you linked... this pic reminded me that I wish Ins SS blurred out the chassis of the reflex scopes like is shown in the picture to reflect binocular vision.



What I always wanted an FPS game to do is make the outside of scopes/sights semi-transparent and blurred. It's incredibly annoying when the scope covers half the screen. IRL you have two eyes and that's never a problem. But in a non-true 3d game? That's the ONLY basis I choose scopes based on: How much of the screen do they cover?