M203 woes.

M203 HE with a light carrier has one in the tube and you can pick one up from a box.
M203 HE with a heavy carrier gets one in the tube, one in a pouch and that is it.

What is the point in what is fundamentally a one-shot M203 exactly?

Proper solution to this problem found here:

Crappy solution - up the number of M203 rounds available to 1+2 no carrier, 1+3 light carrier and 1+4 heavy carrier.

Also it should be a choice between the M203 or a full-scale launcher, the reason I think all this got nerfed is because you could carry both and spam explosives like crazy.

@whitby I understand that they don’t want nade spam, but the least they could do is give smoke launchers.

Of course if they really wanted to seriously improve on Insurgency they could do what you suggested.

And please just give us an “M203” and then the option to select rounds for it under the explosives slot.

In one patch we went from 3 RPG's and 4 M203 rounds, which made 25-35 explosive kills a round in coop reasonable to the current situation.

Being able to add additional rounds under the explosives slot would make an infinite amount of sense.

Yes, let's add more explosive spam. There's not enough of that yet. How about we give people the option to pick up one of those six-shot grenade launchers in each explosive spot? I really love dying to people I have no chance of fighting because we can't even see each other.

And people wonder why nobody wants to play on the objective...

Smoke launchers would be fine though.

I thoroughly support adding the Milkor MGL as a demo primary weapon.

Explosive spam is not really the problem, it's that the firearms are fairly ineffective by comparison. Fixing the TTK with the guns weights the game away from being an explosive spamfast. Also, anything less than 3 M203 grenades makes it a nonsensical choice vs an RPG which does twice the damage and hits exactly where you point it.

@whitby There's an easy fix for that: nerf RPGs. They have the same problem. Either remove the ability to carry multiple rockets or severely reduce the blast radius to make it a dedicated anti-helicopter/anti-technical weapon.

As for fixing the TTK (which I fully support), that wouldn't be enough to justify buffing noob tubes. In Insurgency 2014, where bullets are one shot kills and you're only allowed one rocket per resupply, RPG spam is still very prevalent.

@whitby Yeah because DOI and Insurgency didn’t have explosion spam.


There's an easy fix for that too, nerf their quantities in PvP. I wouldn't really say there was explosive spam in coop in the old Insurgency/DoI. War tends to have a fair few explosions.

The issue with PvP is if you're running a 1:1 k/d which is average, you can achieve this by firing 2 rockets every life and every other life one of the rockets gets 2 kills. (Or frags, or whatever.) In coop, you bring a couple of rockets, one's going in the objective and the other in a technical...

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@whitby There was tons of RPG spam in co-op. Every round of Buhriz checkpoint, half your team dies to RPGs at the start of the round.

As for PvP, reduced quantity isn't an optimal solution. Reducing the number of rockets fired doesn't make any individual rocket fairer.


Are we discussing human or AI spam here? AI spam is an easy solution - don't have spawns with a singular exit into the enemy line of fire (Buhriz). Past that, you wouldn't see an RPG in coop unless you were humping somebody's leg like a dog. There certainly wasn't a spam. If a spam was your experience you need to familiarise yourself with the gameplay mechanics and spread out.

As for PvP, whatever the optimal solution is, it surely isn't to remove a playstyle from coop?

Like @Whitby said, GL rounds and rockets in 'explosives' slot makes a ton of sense: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/32208/gl-grenades-in-explosives-slot

Not 100% sure about magazines etc. with the same mechanic, tho it is annoying sometimes when I want to do a pistol run but can't stock up on pistol magazines at the expense of a rifle.

@whitby There are plenty of places with RPG spam in co-op, such as Ministry on the point overlooking the courtyard. But I digress. I really don't think using explosives can be classified as a "playstyle" unless explosives are being used as primary weapons. In that case, something needs a nerf anyway. If you need to deal with crowds of bots, frags, molotovs, and c4 work just fine.


The point overlooking the courtyard? What are you talking about? You do not get shot with an RPG in Ins2014 under any circumstances unless you're humping the legs of your teammates. The AI must see a group of humans before it equips and fires the RPG.

Using explosives absolutely can be considered a playstyle. Carrying a few M203 rounds brings a capability to your team. You can kill people behind cover, you can do crowd control, you can in a pinch do objectives with them. You can clear rooms without having to physically enter them. It absolutely is a playstyle. The RPG is a bit more weighted toward utility and crowd control as you get less of them but they do more (in Ins2014 anyway). However, if you play demo and spend your points on explosives, you're absolutely going to play in a way which enables you to make the most use of them.

A frag works just fine. The M203 takes the "to whom it may concern" of the frag grenade and delivers it by courier.

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