I find the lack of balaclavas on security offensive

Bring back Insurgency: Source man with his big backpack, mask and goggles. Its practically a sin not to let him be in the game.

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I know youve said something like "blah blah team confusion" but this just isnt right.

Yea I’d really like to see these make a return, as they look great

Lol. That's funny. I hated the ski goggles in Insurgency 2 but I did like the masks. We definitely need some kind of mask or masks to wear on the security side though. Maybe some face paint would be pretty cool as well.

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blah blah team confusion

If someone can't tell the difference between an enemy or a teammate just because of a mask they should go play some minecraft because this ain't the game for them.

Disgusting lack of balaclavas is a betrayal.

Im not surrendering this crusade.