Vehicle Presentation: Introducing The C-6317

@zamal facts i agree with you

First impressions.
It is a good truck for various jobs

Best Hardcore mode scout vehicle
Now we know thy we have the C6317 and the new E7429. It is virtually the same cabin (95%)
Compared to the 4310 , there is no comparison, like a child and a parent, 6317 dwarves the 4310

Compared to the 432010, it has similar attack angles, but with a shorter front overhang in the front can tackle more extreme situations.
Also the COE (cabin over engine) setup allows for a extra space in the back (spare wheel in addition to the actual cargo addons)

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@mr-t i have been running the 6317 on the trail (trailing map) against the 375/4320. i will have to say the 6317 is good, but for trails/exploring the 6317 falls just the slightest bit short. i am running the same set up on them, spare wheel and full fuel cistern. the biggest thing is that i am finding is winching sooner with the 6317 on uphill climbs. it just seems to lack the grip compared to the Urals. now they are very close and i would still put the 6317 just a bit on top for a work truck, but the Urals still have it out on the trail/exploring imo.

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That makes sense, doesn't it?
With (roughly) same weight (AKA downforce) and (roughly) twice as wide tires, it should be less sinky in mud, but grip should be lowered as well, especially on tough surfaces (just friction)...

I am curious if the new vehicles will spawn on the maps like the initial vehicles do.
The single most important thing i love about mudrunner versus standard spintires.
Random truck spawn. I had suggested it a long time ago and i was so happy to see this. Every playthourgh is different based on what you receive.
Now, if only random map generator, and it would quiet me down regarding career mode. (with all other things)
Simply select difficulty mode, and random map, and random truck (or place limits like random 1* or random 5* or random 7* and the game would shuffle and give you whatever you have in there and how many slots you selected).
This would make the game infinitely fun.

@sodoma true and i have tested them on different surfaces. although there is more to it than just friction though. the 6317 has "looser" diffs (slips easier) before engaging and they bind up easier also when wedged. also need to have more throttle applied to get it to "lock" the diff and spin the wheels. they are close, but there is enough you can see and tell the difference. however the 6317 does have a bit more power and can take a lot of damage compared to the Urals. (4320, 375).
i do not include the 432010, because i have not had much of a chance to test it with these. guess i could mod the files so i can spawn it in with the rest though. maybe later on, idk.

i will give the 6317 one thing. it has some crazy low center of gravity for sure.

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