RPG hitbox too large?

I've noticed since the new update that if I'm launching a rocket through a window or tight(ish) space, I'll blow myself up. This isn't something I've had problems with in the past and I'm assuming it wasn't an intentional change.

Yep happens to me to especially when crouched or peeking with Q,E

Agreed, I've had this happen a lot lately. it seems the RPG's warhead is 2 feet in diameter and any sort of attempt to thread it through any sort of opening results in some bad times.

This happened to me 3 times yesterday. First of them were when I was shooting from the window of the second floor to the ground level. RPG was sticking out of the window and yet it hit the bottom frame of the window and I exploded. Second was a two level street and I was shooting behind from a small rail. RPG was over the rail, yet it hit it and I exploded. Third was at when I was shooting from a corner. I stood approx. 1m away from the corner and shot the RPG down the street. Or that's what I thought what was gonna happen. NOPE! Hit the corner and I exploded.

The third suicide caused me to rage quit. This game is SO buggy it drives me insane in 30mins after I start playing!