Redo hair and facial hair

Hello !

So... As written in the title. Hair and facial hait look terrible compared to the rest of the game. It looks more like fake comedy wigs than anything. Especially facial hair which really look like glued pieces of plastic.

I'm not even hating on the game. I for a fact enjoy it very much ! But those haircuts and facial hair do need some attention, tbh.

Definitely agree. I avoid all facial hair currently as it just looks fake.

Playing a female character that wears a hat I don't have this problem. x)

Reminds me of the beta where you could have a burly, bearded character but a female voice 😎 gold

@pakislav Well, I'd love to have a guy with a big beard and a cap back to front, or with glorious hair, but I limit myself to a stubble and camo PASGT helmet. Which also look great, but... Yeah. I'd like to create another preset with a beardy dude. If only hair and beards weren't ugly as hell, I could.

My female soldier also has a cap, so... Her pony tail is not that much of an eyesore, lol.


Hell yes! You said it all dude.. I want a big old beard but the hair looks so ridiculous right now. Needs some improvement.

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@hossfxr Yup. That's really sad considering how the game looks in every other department. I mean... It's not groundbreaking, but even on low settings it's pretty beautiful. Those hair and beards are out of place.

Would like to see characters look like PMC operatives. Especially as Security Forces.