Suggestions for the Developers

Dear Devs / Pavel,

I have been playing MudRunner and / MR Spintires with a friend cooperatively for a little while now playing in hardcore mode.

Some features we would like to see as a priority:

Ability to override time change. Playing at night can be a bad experience at times.
Ability to customise goals and map settings.

Instead of 6 logs to be delivered I would like to be able to set up 50 logs or whatever to custom destinations, this makes the elaborate logistical network we create worthwhile. We enjoy working out the most efficient way to do things however the current game mechanics do not punish or reward our efforts in any worthwhile way.

The physics and vehicles are brilliant - the gameplay needs some attention.

Some things that would make the gameplay far more enjoyable:

The shadow objects of other vehicles not belonging to you completely destroys the experience.
Being able to pick up another players trailer and transfer tractor units would make cooperative play far more enjoyable and useful.
Being able to drive through any vehicle you want if its in the way is again something that completely breaks the experience.

I also don't like the packing logs mechanic, it makes it very stable and easy to do but it feels a bit cheaty - I would like hardcore mode to be actually load up 20 logs - strap them down and then go - it would mean you would need a production line effort to load logs and you could tailor the weight of your loads to the terrain you are on.

A more demanding suggestion would be to look at deformable and damagable terrain and objects - bulldozers to make our own forest roads would be epic.

I hope some of this sounds like good ideas to you!

I don't play multiplayer in this game but I like some of your ideas. They may be too late for MR but perhaps MR2 can incorporate some of them. I especially like the idea of hardcore mode requiring more realistic log loading & packing. Making a huge packed load out of 2 long logs always seemed cheap to me, especially when you can drop & repack any time for convenience. Hardcore mode should be more hardcore. But I think they should leave the night alone, at least for hardcore mode. I don't like the night either but I like the additional challenge it provides and the good feeling that comes with sunrise. Nonstop daylight would get boring.

And clearing trees and making roads & bridges would be pretty awesome, something I hope we'll see in MR2.

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Many good ideas.
Well, you can't just drop and repack load. Because there is a bug in the that make the logs disappear. So you have to get new one's anyway.

@dragonb1988 I'm aware but from what I've seen it's only a bug with short logs.

It happens with medium and long logs to.

I think I've seen it once with medium logs but at other times they worked correctly. I have yet to see it with long logs. This is definitely one of those things I wish the devs would fix and finalize. At the minimum I want the behavior to be consistent with all types of logs.

Well since the dev's did say that there was not going to be any more patch or DLC after The American Wild DLC, but did released one after all. Is it very hard to know what will happen to Spintires Mudrunner further. Was it the last patch or not, or are the focus on Mudrunner 2?
I guess we just wait to see and probably have to pay for it anyway, no matter how big or how many fan's there are.
We just have to hope that the next thing will be a lot better, bigger and are with less bug's or error's then the previous one's.

@dragonb1988 Last time I heard from the source, MR is still in "active development" and another patch is coming. I hope they keep it going until MR2 comes out.

Yeah I hope so. Because the game concept is awesome. But its need a little TLC to fix all of the smaller issues and bug's that really can strike a nerve some times.

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