Problem since beta many people are having it right now needs to be looked into!

Hello so anyone who played the beta knows that level got carried over to the main game but not the rewards that you unlocked they all got locked back and you didnt get any rewards for level so if you got level 30 in beta you dont have any rewards in the main game but everything is locked and you will need to play around 4 matches to level up to 31 i think people who kept their level from the beta shold be rewarded their credits and stuff because i was pretty high level in beta now its really hard for me to unlock rewards thanks for reading.

Levls didnt get carried over. They reset us after a day or so of launch. We also got points in exchange for those levels to buy the equipment after the reset.

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@mlb7 I didn’t reply because I couldn’t understand... Lol

I'd like to recommend a couple of lessons in punctuation to you instead of playing this game, thank you.
And no, nobody has any problem with the way they reset except you, now, two months after release.

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yea the problem is my level didnt get reset for some reason for my friends aswell there is a bug

@mlb7 there is a bug where peoples level didnt get reset