Patch 1.1.1 needs a hotfix

The game is completely degraded now for me. Frametimes look again like a rainforrest comparable to beta status in August last year. Heavy stuttering caused by all kinds of action, sounds and animations. The frametimes were in good (but not perfect) shape before the Feb.-update. Unbelievable. Degradation from patch to patch.
Is it possible that nobody cares for 4GB graphics? (I'm on a GTX 980).
Probably I really should wipe this nonsense off my ssd… I'm sick of it. Nothing than technical problems, tweak orgys and an AI that doesn't serve the name. Nothing that I could and would recommend to others. It turns into a nuisance.

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Mine was terrible after update, the stuttering was on a whole new level so I tried clearing the config files which usually helps but not this time.

A reinstall was the only thing that put the game back to it's previous state.

I have had problems every time this game updates

Mine too. VERY bad lag on almost any map. Stuttering, pausing, and dropping connection, inability to connect and system crash. LAME. Way to make a downgrade New World Int.!

Made a reinstall, too. Without success.

Hello all,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Can you please upload your DxDiag files here, so I can forward them to the team?

Just repair the texture streaming. These problems have nothing to do with my machine. It worked reasonably before the patches. And probably you can repair the SLI functionality again, too. 😉