Are community members already working on new maps and mods for Insurgency:Sandstorm ?

As a Sandstorm player ( who does NOT read the Sandstorm Steam forums ) i have to ask here if already someone is working on custom maps like those of the old Insurgency2014 ?
There were so many cool custom maps and mods which i really would love to see implemented into Sandstorm.

I think Alex ( Community Manager ) told once in one of his Youtube videos, that theoretically everyone who uses the Unreal Engine 4 - SDK can build a custom map for Sandstorm.
But hey... , since then i never heard again of this topic.
How are the plans ? Is it even possible to integrate a finished map into Sandstorm right now ?
Or do modders and map builders need a special tool/code/etc. to implement their custom work ? And if yes , why is NWI not releasing that tool for modders yet ?

As a regular consumer/customer i have no idea how this works and what we are waiting for ?
Any info about this would be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance for helpfull info !

This game urgently needs new maps ( original and custom maps ) and other content like custom-server-based-mods for :

  • reduced character speeds and jump heights
  • additional gear ( may be a Medpack which is healing the character immediatly )
  • weapon mechanics ( less recoil when hipfiring , reworked recoil and weapon sway, etc. )
  • sound mods ( Allaaahu akbar yelling suicide bombers, etc. )
  • mod that adds civilians ! ( that would be awsome ! )

I have the impression that more and more players are getting bored by the same few maps playing them again and again.
We need fresh content to keep the game alive !

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This above ^^^^^^^^^ Maps. When? SDK, the same. Thank You.

a while ago someone told me there is a discord of the guys who port the Ins2014 maps to sandstorm, but i never got the link... have to search where that was...

I believe you can download and use the UE4 editor right now to flesh out the general layout of a map to get a head start, but to get it into the game you’ll need to open it in the Sandstorm Editor (to be released) to perform the finishing touches and get it into the game.

I saw a video someone made where they had District and a couple other maps running in UE4 (complete with imported props and stuff), but he’s waiting on mod support to get them playable in the game. But since the majority of the work on the map is already done, when that time comes it should mean the map will be available to play sooner rather than later.