teamplay / riflemen

is there any reason why the "rifleman" is available even before the other roles are filled? i just had several rounds without any demo, observers, advisors, breachers, but 4+ riflemen and when i asked to change i was even tk´d afterwards ... wtf noobs

Because that's the default class. There's absolutely nothing wrong with not playing advisor; it's just rifleman with weird guns. As for the other classes, if they don't want to play the class, forcing them onto it will not make them fill the role that class is supposed to fill.

if you don´t like advisor play demolitions or observer for instance. rifleman should only be used if all other specialists are taken, honestly

You can make a lovely sniper class (security) with the rifleman if one is already taken. Or if you fancy that type of play. Or even a pseudo machine gunner class for insurgents.

Sniper is basically a MK12 SPR.

M16A4 + optic of your choosing

With this I manage to get between 30-50% head shots in COOP.

The pseudo MG is

AKM whatever optic you want
Drum/extended mag

This is just a lovely do-it-all class that allows for a huge amount of flexibility. Deployed you can make very accurate single shots or in a good position make very effective use of automatic fire. Aim time is vastly better than any MG as is the reload, movement speed and hip fire. I would take the this AKM build over any MG.

Iv found that the bipod is actually one of the best attachments for my play style. Since im either close enough to not see the benefit of a vert grip or so far away automatic fire is pointless (not that its particularly useful anyway, especially when firing without any support)

@bahzooga As Cyoce stated above you just can’t do this. Forcing someone into a role such as observer does not mean they will automatically use the role as intended and could potentially disable someone from using the role who would actually utilize the role well.

everybody here answering like "I don´t like to play [insert_your_not_preferred_role_here]" where there are so many roles available; of course, the rifleman can be adjusted accordingly to work more or less like nearly every other special role with only a few restrictions, and exactly these restrictions are the specialties that later are lacking in the game.
so, if you don´t like the passive specialty of the observer, why not go demolitions or advisor? whatever you dislike, there will be a class that meets your style ...


You ever tried just asking politely? Its amazing it actually works!!! Seriously though. Or maybe if you cant get an observer or something then swap yourself to suit the teams composition. A commander is not requited at all to get the job done nice as they can be. Honestly if we were to take the commander roll as an example 99% of the people who use it do not use it well and often cause more harm than good. Other than the commander the demo is the only other class with any real utility since they can equip RPGs and the like. Any other class really just allows you to select other weapons. For example the gunner class is awesome at mid range but how many objectives are CQC pretty much all of them, and the gunner is not a good class for CQC since the recoil and hip fire is bad. Breacher is not really special at all bar the C4/IED but cannot really be used in mid to long range engagements effectively.

Honestly if you had to objectively rank the classes in terms of flexibility the Infantry class would be in the top half, arguably above Adviser since the infantry class get bi pods on some weapons which really is a very good attachment.

of course, I ask politely always, and it works more often than not, but that was not my question 😜
and you are right about that fact that the rifleman is a very versatile class; I never argued about that.
the other thing is the commander/observer combo being in bad hands which can really give you a headache, or not if you leave like I do when I see an unknown commander below lvl100 for the above-mentioned reason ... (I did not even try commander on public servers before I got 200 to be honest)

experience isnt really needed to be a good commander, common sense however... Its like people have just about learned that smoke on a defence is an awful idea.

I will say this though. Your comment just now strikes me as completely opposite to your post. Seeing as you initially said to block people from rifleman until all slots were filled. When realistically they are more versatile than the breacher and gunner. If im running in a small team 4 or so people the best composition I think is 4 riflemen and a demo. Since this will counter anything you come across.