Overall, I see great improvement. FPS has been very inconsistent through out my time playing, but this latest update shows optimization is going in the right direction. I can get it to run pretty well on my MacBook bootcamped with Windows 10, on medium post process and settings.

I absolutely LOVE the new animation sprint and the reduced walk speed in Hardcore mode. I don't mean to bring up other games, but it gave a similar game play experience to Ground Branch, but way smoother and not as janky.

I don't usually run a sniper class so i didn't bother with the sniper rifles, however the new weapons are pretty beast from what I've seen.

Good job on some of the new customization options. A few suggestions for character assets; baseball cap (forward and back) with headset. Kevlar helmet with goggles wrapped around. More tribal looking gear for the insurgents.

As far as the new map goes, it's not bad but it didn't really blow me away. I am looking forward to some Insurgency re master maps like Ministry, and although it's an unpopular map, I would love to see Panj remastered in the Unreal engine with new foliage and lighting.

Great work guys! I implore your team to keep pushing and make this game as successful as possible. The FPS market needs it, and fans have been asking for a game like this for a long time.

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@outl4w1nfid3l I personally think the new map is awesome. It's huge and it's got a ton of details added in. There's a lot of differing environment styles as well.

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Happy you're enjoying it @MarksmanMax!