3D modeling topology.

Also, red wont turn out the wat you want it to. Maybe on the American wilds maps but not on the standard map.

@wrangmog mmmm I see! I'll probably try to get something close to the Western Star. If it does not look ok on the standard maps, I'll probably change them to something else. First I'll have to experiment and see how the engine manages the colors. Ohh and... any ideas on how to archieve transparency for the glass?? I guess it'd be something with an alpha channel, but how do I set it up?
Should I have the texture with the alpha channel embedded or should I create a separate map only for the alpha channel and add it on the xml?

@deathcoreboy1 I did know how to make transparant glass, but I cant remember right know, but @Forces told me back then so maybe he can help you out. I did it in the .XML from meshes.

@deathcoreboy1 @wrangmog
Embedded alpha. See XML code below.

	MeshParts="middle_windows 0, rear_windows 1, rear_windshield 1"
	Type="alpha"     <-- required (?)
	TwoSided="true"      <-- required
	Blending="alpha"     <-- required

The alpha channel of your DiffuseMap texture dictates the transparency. Must be double-sided, otherwise you'll be able to see inside from outside but not outside from the cabin view (assuming your normals are facing towards the exterior of the vehicle). We used to be able to adjust transparency using DiffuseMultiplier, but apparently that bit has been disabled in the engine now (which most of us modders agree was not a good move on the devs' part).

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Mexican knows too by the way😜

@Mexican_420 Thanks!!!!!!!!! You have answered 2 questions for me! lol I did not know I could make the faces "two-sided" I was worried because I had some visible from below the fenders and i did not how the game would show them. Now I know how to fix it without adding extra geometry!

You guys are great! thanks!

Hi Guys.

I've been watching some tutorials about Rigging. Also, been trying to figure out exactly how does the suspension of my truck works so I can recreate it in-game.

Apparently, Navistar International uses mostly Hendrickson Suspensions. In my model, it uses a Hendrickson Haulmaax. I've not been able to find much information online about it and I'm definitely not a car engineering expert either so I took my blender file, my drawing tablet, a cup of coffee and I think I've figured it out. (at least the theory behind it.)

Haulmaax suspension.JPG

In principle, it is similar to the Kraz-255 suspension, with a solid bar connecting both axles (if one goes down, the other must go up and vice-versa) but instead of leaf springs, it uses rubber springs, making the travel a bit shorter.

Haumaax Suspension back.JPG

Haulmaax suspension perspective.JPG

I thought of showing this to you for two reasons.
1- Probably someone knows it better than me and can say if I'm right or missing something.
2- Later on I'll probably ask for some help setting up the bones, so now you know what's needed to achieve.

One last request: Can someone point me to some good tutorials about rigging? Does not have to be "Mudrunner-oriented". But it has to be applicable of course. Because so far I've seen a few different ways to rigg and I don't know which of them is applicable for the game engine. (Please, excuse me If I'm saying dumb things. I'm totally lost here.)

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Have you checked out the Mudrunner editor at all yet? I'd probably suggest getting a handle on a much simpler suspension setup first, then once you get a better understanding of how the different elements are set up and implemented in-game, you can expand on it. Check out this damper(shock)/spring tutorial by @Tattoo to get a basic sense of it all:
Youtube Video

@Mexican_420 Hi! Yes, I have already seen this video but it's on 3DS and I use Blender, so I don't know if I can use regular bones or if I have to go for an object constraint-based with empty objects setup.

I'll probably do what you say. I'll start making some basic shapes and try to implement different suspension system to get a handle with the editor.

Thanks again míster! 😃

@Mexican_420 Do you think this one would help me out?

Youtube Video

Blender is very much more @Forces territory, I've literally never used it, sorry...
To my knowledge, rigging in your 3d software is mostly unnecessary, so you'll want to check out tutorials that are more specific to Mudrunner (language barrier could be an issue, but check out AgaYuditra's YT channel
Should still give you an idea about the overall setup (rigging being handled by the relevant XML files and not so much by your modeling software, what you need in the model in order to accomplish certain things in the game, etc.).

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i've been a bit gone for a while for some reasons, most of the info can be found on the blender topic @deathcoreboy1 but here we go
Guide 2 - Useful Info, files,Video Guides and advance animations

its quite simple actually and blender thanks to the exporter of Dzen works just like 3dsMax

To animate shocks ussing IK Bones
you can see how the bottom and upper reference Bones (empty axis) act as reference for the exporter to add the bones and locate the animations, the Empty must have the same rotation of the mesh (in this case 25º on the X and -25º on the oposite side)

Guia8.jpg Guia7.jpg

same goes for the spring but in this case is much more complicated and it works the same way for the rubber springs you have

you need the Number paster that @Tattoo and Marijs95 Made

Guia6.jpg Guia5.jpg
How to Weight the Axles and Links is really simpe Just weight one end to the axle Bone and the Other to the Center Bone

Guia3.jpg Guia2.jpg

How to Animate a track Bar with IK bones, it works the same way as a shock but in this case the whole track bar (panhard Link) goes weighted to the upper bone and just the tip goes to the lower bone and same as before All Ik bones must retain the rotation of the mesh they will be animating (codes related to them)


and this is how the Hierachy looks at the end

keep in mind
Front Right Upper =FRU
C = Center
F= Front

Some of my tut Videos can be very Helpful, keep in mind 4 years in this and i still dont handle all terms LOL
Youtube Video

Number Paster Download

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@deathcoreboy1 said in 3D modeling topology.:

@Mexican_420 Hi! Yes, I have already seen this video but it's on 3DS and I use Blender, so I don't know if I can use regular bones or if I have to go for an object constraint-based with empty objects setup.

I use Blender but I'm just getting started so no expert for sure (@Forces is the Man 😉 ) but everything I've done so far uses object constraint based rigging with empty objects/bones for the animation of suspension in Blender. Then I use IK in the .XML

So in broad terms, the basic principles (vertex weighting/skinning, bone placement/orientation) are the same between Max and Blender (good to know!). I just didn't know anything about the specifics of setting up the bones in Blender.

yeah they work the same, blender has everything integrated in the ui so i feel the workflow is faster, i have tried 3dsMax but it uses way too much ram and everything opens a new windows so i would end with a bunch of windows open at the same time and my pc asking for mercy lol, i tend to edit the bones while looking at my textures to see any weird streching and prevent it as much as i can, even just having the Links to the axle moving can murder a nice texture because of the strech (if its way to radical like 1m travel lol)

@Forces Wow! thanks for the conprehensive guide! I'll need some time to study and swallow everything, but at least I'm oriented now and know where to head.

Thanks again @Forces I'm getting real close to the real deal now and it feels good.

yeah once you do the first the rest gets memorized quite fast

Hi guys!

Spent a lot of time reworking the headlights, but I think they're good enough now.

21-07-2019 cristales.JPG

Also Worked on the chrome metal textures. They're now actual textures, while before I just painted them on plain silver. They also have a proper specular map and a normal map.

21-07-2019 tank texture fix.JPG

Windsield textures are now applied. I might come back and work on them a little bit more in the future.

Didn't start with the animation cuz... well.. I'm a little scared 😃 It seems pretty hard. I'll rewatch all the videos and probably give it a try tomorrow.

Ok, boys... This is driving me mad. Is there a caritative soul whishing to help me out? 😃

I have set up a few bones and somehow managed to get the basic up and down and rotation of the suspension working. (at least in blender) but, I cant get the axles and the solid bar that connect them to, you know, act connected.

I don't really know how to explain.

22-07-2019 bones rear.JPG

As long as I move or rotate the center big Empty, it stays connected, but if I move only one axle, it detaches from the solid bar and I don't know how to pull it off. I have litteraly spent 8 hours in front of my computer scratching my brain.

22-07-2019 bones problemç.JPG

I have recorded a short video to help you guys understand:

Youtube Video

@Forces @Mexican_420 @wrangmog
A little help, please?

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The empty is the bone for the animation the mesh is just a mesh and doesn't hold any animations that affect other meshes,